Stratford Tri

Any one else doing this? Less than two weeks away, my first triaflon eva! I bit concerned about the race number situation, in the rules it states two numbers have to be worn, front and back. An elastic race belt is allowed, which I'll be wearing, but both race numbers must be worn, but how will that work if wearing a tri suit? Surely I don't have to stop in T1 and pin a bloody number to the front of my tri suit?


  • When they say race belt are allowed you only need to wear 1 number. you turn it round so it is on your back for the bike ,then you turn it round to the front for the run.

    A good tip is to put your 2 numbers back to back and opposite ways up and then fix them on your belt so if its windy and your number blows up it can still be seen.

    Good luck in your first Tri  image

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭
    Attach the numbers to your belt in advance. Then put your belt on in T1. Simples.
  • Bet you forget to turn it around! LOL. Don't worry, Stratford is very forgiving and a massive laugh.

  • Thanks guys, yeah I've heard good things about Stratford, looking forward to it. Just hope I don't drown, my swimming is shite lol.
  • Stratford tri in a few words

    Fuck there's a lot of people, what a long queue to get in, what, NOW? ooh that's quite warm actually, er, it's a bit choppy, OW, that was my ear, GET OUT OF MY WAY, how do you get this many people in a pool, getting into it now, OY stop pushing in on the ladder, FUCK IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! Why didn't I wear a top in the pool like I was told to, this sodding rolled up rag will never go on, ow there's a stone in my shoe, remember not to get on teh bike before the mount line, shit I nearly fell over there. Remember to stop at the red traffic lights to avoid a penalty. Shit it's cold. I can catch that sod up front there. No I can't. BLOODY HELL, where did he come from at eleventy zillion miles an hour. HAH, I took you, bitch, even if you are 23 stone and on a Moulton folding bike, errr, this long drag wasn't mentioned. Squirt gel all over neck and try and lick off of forearm. MIND YOU STUPID BASTARD IN THE 4X4! Now look cool to come in to T2. Remember to get off before you cross the.... I WAS ALREADY OFF BEFORE THE LINE. Now, where in Avon is my bag? Why am I still wearing my swimming goggles? Can't get these sodding shoes off. AH AH AH AH AH AH AH no-one told me about the sodding cramp. Feel smug at not wearing socks and remembering to vaseline the heels of your trainers. Launch forth into an athletic run to the run exit. Legs go to jelly, bash into another competitors bike, enter run course, slip and twist ankle, limp off deciding it's not too bad. Why is the 23 stone fat one 300 yards ahead of me? How does Cake manage to eat a bacon butty 5 minutes BEFORE this malarkey, TWO LAPS??, you're having me on, 82 year old blasts past you making Usain Bolt look decrepit, finally catch the bloke that hit you in the ear in the swim. You down boy! Through the hedge and across the line for your medal. Congrats. You are a triathlete. And the Stratford showers ain't bad either. Let us know how it goes. image  

  • Strange...I think I had exactly the same experience as that last year. Was great! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Haha brilliant! I'll definitely let you know how it goes...if I haven't drowned
  • IronplodonIronplodon ✭✭✭
    Good luck to all doing this event tomorrow, weather for the first time like myself or seasoned vets....quietly bricking it now lol.
  • You have a good time and don't take it too seriously. Enjoy. Race report awaited.

  • IronplodonIronplodon ✭✭✭
    Thoroughly pissed off, had to pull out my first tri, spent all last night in and out of the loo with the horrendous stomach churning shits! Absolutely fuming, I never get anything like that and to get a DNS for my first tri is embarrassing. Still went along to see how it all works and looked awesome, spent most of the day sulking like a school boy. Got another one in five weeks time, woe betide anything that seeks to stop me doing that one! Saw a pirate during the swim but didn't get chance to holler my support, so well done, whoever you were lol.
  • JP, another thing to pack is Imodium it works wonders , hope it was only nerves and nothing serious.

  • Nerves or bug? Either way, nothing you can do about it so don't beat yourself up about it. And no point starting it just to spend a couple of hours in misery coz you have bad guts.

    Write it off, put it down to experience and on the basis it can't get any worse, go into the next one very easy, no expectations. 

    I DNS an Oly coz I bottled the swim in choppy seas. Turns out I made the right call as a lot of swimmers were pulled by the boats. Gutted at the time but it was the right call. You made the right call.

    Which is the next one you are doing?

  • IronplodonIronplodon ✭✭✭
    My stomach has been growling on and off all day so not sure if it was nerves or a bug. I put it down to nerves during the night but who knows? The next one is the Walsall tri, 15th June, a new event run by the council I think. ??10 entry fee which you get back on the day so entering was a no brainer lol.
  • If your guts were ok today then it was proberbly just nerves.image

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