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Hi all,

New to tri with just one sprint under my belt and hoping to advance to Olympic/middle distance this season.I don't really want to invest in a dedicated tri bike yet but am considering some tri bars for my road bike and was wondering from your experiences whether the straight bars or the jammers were the best way to go.My bike is a Specialized Roubaix so is more of a relaxed sportive style.


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    Your bike isn't really suited to having tri bars - if you want to fit them I'd get the ones that are lowest stack to compensate for the Roubaix having a very tall front end.   If you can get some where the bar goes under your handlebars and then bends up at the end for your hands with the pads pretty much on top of your bars that would be your best bet.   

  • Thanks for your advice popsider I was afraid this might be the case I will probably just stick with it as it is and have a rethink over getting another bike if I decide to do an iron distance triathlon.

  • These bars are pretty low to the original handlebars, might be useful?

    Might not of course! Work for me though image

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    Could you borrow a set to try - I wouldn't want to put you off - just it's not the ideal bike to fit bars to but depending on your proportions etc that's not to say it can't work.  If you are anywhere near Derby I've got a couple of pairs I don't mind lending out.  

  • Thanks for the offer popsider but in warrington so not very close. The type that you originally described seem the same as the ones that Symes recommends too. I am going to try and pick a pair of these up on eBay and if they don't suit I should be able to resell them without too much of a loss. Thanks to both of you for the advice.

  • I bought Profile Design's Aero Strykes last year.  They sit under the bar and bend up, allowing a more natural position for the wrist.

    Started with the T2's but wouldn't buy them again now I've used these:

    Your best bet is to visit local bike shop, checking in advance they have a good range of aero bars (and therefore won't just sell to you for the sake of it) and try a few on the bike.

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