Sore tender, Hip Flexors / Upper thigh!

Hi all,

I have been having an issue with what I think are my hip flexor muscles. Every time without fail after training they get quite sore and if touching or rubbing them they are extremely tender. This only seems to calm down if I take a good few days off from running and even then they still don't feel normal.

The location is at the front of the thigh where it joins the hip.

Is there anything I can do about this? Its really getting on my nerves and affecting my ability to train on a regular basis. I mean it doesn't prevent me from running but it cant be good continually running when this area is so sore and not healing.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.



  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    I had a hip flexor issue a couple of years ago.  Was out for some weeks from running. when I got back into running, I did warm up and cool down exercises and also did these exercises everyday, whether running or not. My Physio gave me the exercises.

    i had to relax the hip - so he told me to do basic movements like swinging the leg out and back/ to the side and back and rotating it round, doing each one ten times. Doing both legs. 


    Hope it it gets better. 

  • Several years ago I had this same hip flexor injury. That bad that when getting in the car, I had park my behind then physically lift my leg in and out. Lasted about a week thats all. I still get it slightly when I do long steep hill work after a bit of a layoff. The only remedy I found was rest while it's sore and build up steep hill work slowly. Use Voltarol gel while it is sore.

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    The thing is its not a so called injury its just an area that seems to flair up any time I do any sort of running. Its like its permanently sensetive and inflamed and ready to flair up as soon as I do anything more than walk no matter how much rest I have.

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    Sounds like an injury to me....! 

  • kaffeeg wrote (see)

    Sounds like an injury to me....! 

    Thanks for your input.

  • it is an injury Liam2, i had the same a few months a go, went to the physio who "released" them. Bloody painful but worth it.


    Plenty in here for those of tight hip flexors - even the warm up exercises recommended before you do the full stretching exercises help!


  • If you have pain in an area it means something is wrong. Like a red light on a dashboard, it doesn't tell you what is wrong. It certainly doesn't mean the area needs stretching. It could just as easily mean that the muscles that flex the hip are not contracting effectively. Stretching is rarely the answer to anything, it will just leave you weaker. 

  • Inflamed is an injury.  A strained muscle might seem more like a proper injury but inflammation is possibly the tendon for the muscle and can be a bugger to shift.  Worth seeing a good sports therapist or physio

  • Hip flexor problems tend to happen to people who sit a lot. They get shortened over time and the glutes stop firing properly. Work on strengthening your glutes. Stretching the hip flexors won't help much if the glutes aren't doing their job.

    Try the couch stretch daily, 2 minutes per leg. (Google it or find on YouTube, or in episode 2 of MobilityWOD). You can also try releasing your own psoas by lying on a ball and grinding around a bit. Painful but could be useful.

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    I think Liam disappeared back in may when he was in denial he had an injury......

    ....if that's the case and he didn't take the advice given to him, he may still have his injury.m

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