Where do I start?!

Hi there and thanks in advance for any help.  I am very overweight, very unfit and with 2 friends decided we would start jogging.  Well we started about 4 weeks ago, they are half my size to be honest and so maybe find it much easier than me.  I would just like some tips on where to start.  I thought 3 times a week, every other day maybe, I have found a 2 mile route which I first did last week on my own, as I find when I go with my friends, its so hard.  We do about 3.5 miles, a mixture of walking and jogging, but I'm thinking I should just go on my own for a while until I get used to it.  Now, should I stick to this 2 mile route and try and do it faster...more jogging/less walking? or should I be building up the distance?  Any help would be appreciated, I have entered race for life and June and would to at least run some of it!


  • Google couch-to-5k - works very well. NHS has an app or podcast thing people say good stuff about. We use the couch-to-5k training program for our club's running-from-scratch course and two thumbs up I say. The trick is - if you don't think you can keep running for long enough then slow down a bit. 

    It's much easier keeping up a routine with friends or other people so if you can manage it somehow ... even if it's going on separate routes and just meeting for a chat at the beginning and end (!). (Perhaps dig out different friends or see what local clubs or Parkruns there are? I know in my area, Oxon, a number of local clubs do from-scratch courses).

    Good on you for getting stuck in. The training does work and in the long term who knows where it might take you? And never underestimate how far grim bloodymindedness can get you image

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    Hi Julie, well done on starting - the first step is always the hardest.image

    There are lots of different beginner's plans to choose from.  On this site there are a some training plans to follow - click on the red 'Training'  tab at the top of the page and then find the beginners plans.  A really popular and successful plan is the C25K which stands for Couch to 5k.  It's a progressive walk/run progamme and is very easy to follow.  There are several versions available online - just google c25k - the NHS do one.  For the basic plan you don't need to pay anything but some people like to download an app for a few quid.  Good luck and I look forward to reading that you've completed your first 5k in 12 weeks or so image


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    Good luck. 

    If you have a 2m route I'd consider just going out 3 times a week on that course, I wouldn't worry about doing it twice so 3.5/4m until you are comfortable doing throne lap without stopping, just go at your own speed slow n steady is fine.

    seriously it's hard work, don't be ashamed of taking the walk breaks it's all about building up your stamina and muscles, it doesn't happen overnight, just keep on plodding and you can get amazing results combined with a good calorie controlled diet. 

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    With regards to what you actually asked where do I start.... 

    Pi think try slowly to build up the running sections and decrease the walking sections, don't expect miracles, it might take you two weeks or two months to be able to comfortably run the 2 miles, if so, then that's how long it takes image 

    just try to increase the run sections a few seconds at a time and also make sure that you go slowly... Very slowly just plod along, the beginners main mistake is going to quickly, it's not about sprinting, it's almost like comedy slow motion movement, just get used to making the running motions and don't worry about speed, it will come with time. 

  • thanks for the advice so far, have downloaded a c25k app and am planning on starting that tomorrow. Im hoping that I'll be able to see a small difference every week.  I will keep you informed of how I get on, this is a great website!

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    That's great.  Best of luck 

  • the bottom line is dont be afraid to walk! even if u think your walking more than 'running' eventually the times your running will out weigh your walking by loads and before you know it you'll no longer be walking at all!

    Saturday morning ParkRuns are awsum! 5k loads of different abilities and really friendly and best of all its totally free


    enjoy yourself and remember it takes 40 days to make or break a habit so give it minimum 6 weeks and then you'll be hooked!


  • Well thats week 1 day 2 in the bag. Boy it was hard but I did the whole thing, so am feeling really good. I cant wait to see the progress I can hopefully make!
  • Week 2 day 2 just completed, had to really push myself but I did it. But I did it. Who'd have thought it?! Not me that's for sure. If I can do it anyone can image
  • Well done! I've just completed my first week of running. Looking forward to the summer!
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    well done Julie. you'll get there in no time image. Have a look for your local Parkrun, and when you're ready for the 5km distance, give it a go. You can see what other peoples times have been for previous weeks, as they'll do it each week (sat 9am), and will give you an idea of how many different types of people, ages, abilities, take up running, and enjoy it week in week out image. trust me, theres always someone slower, and someone faster. I started back in june, did my first parkrun in august. 31m01s. kept at it and now I'm running around 23m20s image. loosing over 4 stone in the process, running several other races, and a half marathon. Enjoyed (nearly) ever minute of it image (even the wet day training runs now :P). So keep it up, take it steady, and enjoy it! image

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