Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014

Anyone doing this in Oct?

Missed out last year but managed to get a place this year.

What was the course like, organisation etc?

How's everyone's Training going? 



  • I missed out last year as well and got in for this year.  I'm really looking forward to it, I heard good things about last years - great support and scenic.

    I've not started training for this yet, probably start in mid-July or so, just keeping my legs ticking over at the moment.  Have you started your training yet Chris?

  • Afternoon Matthew,

    I'm getting this weekend out of the way then I'm going to start properly.

    Like you i've been ticking over at the moment, couple of runs a week but nothing major.

    Are you staying over in York?


  • Ah good news.  What sort of time are you going to be aiming for?  I'm hoping I get just under 3:30.

    I'm planning on staying up for a couple of nights, so I can have a little explore - I've never been to York.image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello. I'm doing this. My sister lives in York quite near the Uni so crashing at hers.

    I ran VLM last month so still recovering from that, training for York will start in earnest next month.

  • This will be my first event marathon, 2 year ago I did a 29 Mile Run from Huddersfield Bury, which was interesting to say the least with only myself and best friend for company, oh and our Mum & Dads stopping off at various check points.

    I've done various 10k's and Half Marathons since nothing too over the top so I'm really looking forward to this run.

    I'd say I would be happy with anything under 4 hours.

    Pay day tomorrow which means new socks and potentially Trainers!


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭



    I am doing this too, we are staying in the city centre, I think my husband will have a day sightseeing while I am running!

  • The other half has been banging on about going "Glamping" (Yes...I know) so we've booked to go "Glamping" just outside of York for the night before.

    Should be interesting.

  • In response to the questions. Fast, flat and well organised.  Did 3.25.33

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'm doing this too! image

    Did it last year and it was brilliant. I was injured for most of last summer so never really got my training up enough to run properly. In some ways that was quite nice though because I had to take it easy and got more of a chance to take in the atmosphere.

    I agree with Terry. It had the feeling of a big race without being too busy. Plenty of support too.

    Whilst it is mostly flat there were a few long but gentle inclines. Oh and there's a rather nasty steep but thankfully short hill just before the finish area. However, it does at least allow you the luxury of a downhill 'sprint' for the line image

    The Glamping sounds fantastic!

  • @Terry and @Malcs - all sounds good then, looking forward to it even more.

    @Chris - not sure I would enjoy Glamping before the night before, but I  guess with the nerves it won't actual make a difference to your sleep anyway!  Having said all that my only experience of Glamping is at music festivals, so I'm sure it is very, very different!!

    I'm staying about half a mile from the uni towards the town centre (not sure if it is in the town centre or not!)

  • Entries are now open for a new, flat and fast half marathon (The Vale of York Half Marathon) on September 7th. Perfect for those looking for a build up race ahead of the Yorkshire Marathon! Details here:

  • I'm in for the marathon too. All this talk of where you're staying has made me realise I've got nothing sorted yet. Oops. I'd better do something about that!

  • This will be my second marathon - did Edinburgh in 2011 (4hrs 35min)  Everything went pear shaped after 33km in Edinburgh and the last 10k were the hardest 10 of my life.  I know it wasn't eating enough during the race, but having got through training with lots of jelly babies, I got half way through Edinburgh and suddenly found them disgusting.

    So part of training this time will be to mix in some gels!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Chri5B - sorry to hear that. I've been there before and it's the worst feeling in the world.

    Did you carbo load beforehand? I mean proper carbo load i.e. 2 days of eating 8-10g per Kg of body weight in carbs. I ran 5 marathons before I discovered that a couple of big bowls of pasta the day before is not enough. Since then I've had no problems in the latter stages of a race.

    If you want an example of a typical day's eating let me know and I'll post up what I ate for my last race. Honestly it makes a massive difference.

    Of course you still need to fuel in race too so mix in a few gels with your JB's and you'll be sorted.

    You might also want to check out the nutrition advice here:

  • Malcs, I'd really appreciate it if you would post up your diet plan. I 'hit the wall' at mile 22 at the Manchester marathon this year and it's a feeling I don't wish to experience again, I'm pretty sure it was down to my food intake/carb loading not been up to scratch, I only used 3 gels too which I don't think was enough. Thanks in advance. 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    yorkie white - it really is awful when that happens, you have my sympathies. In my experience fuelling is a big factor. Conditioning can also play a part too as can race strategy (going off too fast uses alot more fuel).

    Here's what I used in April. As I did Paris, it's a bit biased towards carbs that could easily be picked up in France image  I'm about 71 Kg so you'll need to adjust slightly if you're alot lighter or heavier.

    Also note that there's alot of carbs delivered via juice. This is mainly because it's easier to get down than solids and also you get the fluids you need to be able to store the carbs.

    70g of porridge or other cereal with 200-250ml milk & raisins with syrup & 200ml glass of fruit juice

    100g French bread with jam (or three slices of thick sliced bread & marmalade) & 500ml fruit juice over morning

    100g pasta & 250ml fruit juice & 1 slice of malt loaf.

    500ml low fat milkshake (again can sip on this over the afternoon) & bread & jam

    Evening meal
    100g pasta with tomato based sauce & pint of fruit juice or high juice/cordial & 1 slice of malt loaf

    4 x weetabix with large banana and 200ml of milk

    It's alot of food so you need to practice this maybe before a build up race to make sure you don't suffer any ill effects.

    If you want a similar carb intake but with different foods, here's an alternative:

    Large bowl of cereal /porridge (60g of dried cereal) with milk & 1 full bagel with generous spread of honey & jam & 200ml glass of orange juice (approx. 130g)

    Mid- morning
    Nibble on half pack of jelly babies (100g of sweets) and 500ml of low fat milkshake (approx. 120g of carbohydrates)

    100g pasta (dried weight) salad, low fat fruit yogurt & large banana & 20ml glass of fruit juice (approx. 120g of carbohydrates)

    Mid afternoon
    banana sandwich and 400ml of fruit juice & 3 jaffa cakes (approx.110g).

    100g of pasta or rice or large jacket potato with usual foods but keep vegetables and meat/fish to small portions. Large glass of fruit juice (300ml) or full sugar diluting juice and low fat fruit yogurt (approx.115g)

    large bowl of cereal or 3 slices of toast & jam (approx. 60-70g of carbohydrates).

    Hope that helps! 

  • Malcs, this is fantastic, thanks for taking the time to post it imageI too am about 71kg so can use it without adjusting. To be honest the amount of food doesn't faze me, I eat quite a lot anyway. Not sure if I'm just greedy or I need to eat a lot to fuel my runs/workouts I'm always hungry image. As a matter of interest how many gels do you use for a marathon and do you eat energy bars etc during a run? Thanks again. 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    No problem. I think frequently feeling hungry is quite common when marathon training. Breaking the day into 3 meals and 3 snacks helps.

    In race I use 3 gels (SIS isotonic with two having caffeine) and 9 jelly babies. I split these into 3 groups of one gel and 3 JB's and have the first set in miles 0-7, second in 7-14 and third in 14-21. After 21 miles food doesn't tend to sit well image

    I'd usually spread the gels and JB's out through each section.

    I don't eat energy bars in races or in training. In training I avoid having any fuel unless I'm testing new stuff out. 

  • Hi all I am in, & very excited already!

    My sister lives in York, & I know it fairly well, have run 6 marathons, but all in London, so am looking forward to a bit more space to move this time.
  • I'm in, cant wait! My parents live in Pickering so i'll crash at theirs for the weekend. Love York, did the York 10k last year as missed out on the marathon. I've only done 1 marathon so far, Brighton, 5hrs 2mins, so anything under 5hours i'll be pleased with!

  • Was that diet just for carb-loading before the race or through training Malcs?

    Reading the 26.2 feature in the current issue of RW was interesting, mainly for the stat's box showing the number of gels the people feature got through.  Has certainly got my thinking more about what is needed during the race.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    reikirabbit - I know I've said it before but I think you'll really love York. Certainly alot different from London.

    Lisa E - you're incredibly close to sub 5 already so you clearly have a great chance!

    Chri5B - oh Lord no, that was just for the two days prior to the race - if I ate that every day I'd balloon image

    For everyday eating it's still good to break it into 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Cut your desserts out from the main meals to allow you to shift the cals so you can have bigger snacks. 

    Typical day for me when training would be as follows:

    70g Porridge with raisins and syrup

    Two slices of thick sliced toast with lots of Jam and a banana

    Grilled tuna on toast with ketchup and some grated cheese (2 slices) + green leaf salad with tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and red pepper

    Low fat yoghurt with chopped apple and kiwi

    70g pasta with chicken and tomato sauce, broccoli and broad beans

    Small bowl of mixed cereal and semi-skimmed milk.

    Re. the in race stats, that surprised me too! I can't believe how many gels James got through. I wouldn't be able to stomach that. Then again I know people who say they choke on jelly babies. That's why you have to try things out to see what works for you.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Leading up to this year's VLM I tried a watered down carb deplete/load thing. So 1st half of final week I reduced carbs and ate more protein/fat; and the 2nd half I upped the carbs. I found I felt pretty good, but always a bit hungry, on the carb deplete days, and felt all bloaty and crappy on the carb load days. During the race itself I felt that I had enough energy all the way round, although I did take 4 gels and sipped sports drinks provided, and also had done plenty of mileage while training so probably was quite well adapted.

  • Great advice, thanks Mancs.

    This will be my 7th marathon, and hoping to get under 3:30 - so 3:29:59 seconds would be amazing!

  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

    I was thinking about eating during the race as I will be out there for about 6 hours if training carries on badly as it has so far. Any ideas apart from sports drinks, jells and jelly babies?

  • Powerbar do some Gel Shots which taste pretty good for energy food - the cola ones are like, erm, cola bottles.  Five of them are meant to equal one gel so an option to give the stomach something else to work on.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    What training plans will people be following for York? I'll be following P&D but will add some extra miles due to starting a run commute for 3 days/wk.

  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

    Thanks Chris, know what you mean think I got them in a goody bag once. Will give them a try in training.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Another option is jelly beans, either just bog standard ones or ones like sports beans that are made for runners and have electrolytes and other things added.

    15West - P&D just has too much mileage for me. Can't believe you're thinking of adding to it as well! image

    I'll be using a modified version of the Runners World sub 3:15 plan I think. I like the structure and the volume won't kill me!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    You just get used to it Malc. I find I can tolerate about 70mi/wk fairly easily now. 

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