Tapering in a tube strike

The tube is on strike during my last taper week before a marathon on 11 May.  I'm an experienced cyclist, but haven't done much cycling this season. The tube strike is on for three full days - my bike is my best way into the office.  Am I risking tapering disaster by cycling 16 miles a day the week before a marathon on undulating terrain (Halstead Marathon?)


  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    16 miles would be what 40 mins to 1hr a day?  You wouldn't clock up that much time running in your last taper week. Not every day anyway.  Wouldn't sit well with carb loading in the last few days either. 

  • Ooh, tricky. I'm no running expert but having done a fair bit of cycling too...8 miles each way if you went steady and you are on a reasonably light bike is 'just' a commute for most experienced cyclists. Your weight isn't on your feet and you can eat as you go without ill effect. Could you replace all running such as it is that week with this commute?

    What are the other alternatives? if you are standing for ages on a platform, bus stop or train would that also be quite tiring but also stressful?


  • I'd go with Leigh on this one. Keep it in low gear and just use the cycling to keep your legs turning round in your taper instead of a run. 

  • Thanks everyone.  In terms of pedalling time it will probably be around 1hr/ 1.15, so I'll just take it easy for one day, and make other arrangements for the rest of the week, with no running.  It isn't perfect, but it will have to do.  Lots, and lots of carbs. Yes.



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