London Marathon 2015

Just been accepted by Phabkids for next year. I don't know which is more worrying, the training or raising the sponsorship. In either case I'm so looking forward to it.

Need to lose some bulk though at the moment (I'm 48, 5ft 11in and 17 stone) so any guidance would be more than appreciated.


  • Get running Rob the weight will come off

  • Thanks 330, I'm doing cross training for stamina and starting weight loss before I let my poor knees and ankles take too much unnecessary strain. Then I will start pounding the pavements. Good luck with your 330.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Jesus early planning. image I'm impressed. Good idea to start on the sponsorship now image 

    i agree, get dieting, if you've never ran look at the nhs c25k to get starting, but concentrate on dieting hard for a couple of months will make it a lot easier. 

    Decent trainers, there is a lot of talk about barefoot running but you have a bit of bulk which I had when I began, I recommend as much padding as you can get, get your trainers sorted and things go from there. 

    Don't overtrain to soon. image 

  • Thanks booktrunk. I entered the online ballot and selected my 6 charities. I have already had one rejection so when Phabkids offered me a place I jumped at it.

    I will take your advice on the dieting and have already removed my core vices (alcohol, chocolate and cakes) but I'm in that awful place now where my weight is increasing but my belt is showing more holes at the end, plus I am feeling better.

    I always wear Asic gels as they deem to suit me best and have recently bought a new pair so I'm hoping they will see me through.

    I have two half-marathons in September and October so rather than aiming specifically for them I will incorporate them into my training schedule for next year.

    Fingers and everything else flexible and crossable are being crossed image


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    Sounds like you have it all under control image 

    good luck and keep us updated on how it goes, it's always a great way of keeping you going In your plan when you have to fess up online image 

  • Lol yes, first impressions are good. Unfortunately my main issues are around time and motivation.

    Once I get started I should be ok which is why I have started this thread as I know you guys are supportive and will provide any guidance needed.

    Oh well, once more into the breach....

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    Personally I find you need to get your family into the habit that x time is your running time, and that frankly you need to be selfish and the family or friends need to get used to you not being available at x times.

  • Yep, I totally agree but this is also where MY motivation comes into it as I need to get myself into some sort of routine. I guess this is where the three S's come into play - selfishness, sacrifice and something else.

    You have already put me into the right frame of mind to start with so many thanks for that.

    I will keep you posted of my progress.

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