Half Marathon

I started running in January to help my quit smoking (2 months smoke free now!) and found that I really enjoyed it.

I did my first 10k yesterday in 58 minutes and I would like to push myself to a half marathon but I need some tips. For example, I run the same distance 3x a week which has been 5 miles but now will probably be 6, but I heard that you're supposed to do different length runs throughout the week?

Any tips as so how I could push myself to that half marathon would be really appreciated.


  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    As a starting point do a google search for "half marathon training plans"...  They tend to come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced varieties.

  • Good common sense answer XX1. Another would be to set yourself a half marathon in 12 weeks. Run two 5 miles in the week and a longer run at the weekend, building up from 6 miles to close to your half marathon distance. Keep it simple. Run easy and let your increased fitness over the weeks make you faster. 

  • I've signed up to my first half marathon too. Its in 11 weeks time now. I know what you mean about getting tips etc I just don't want to feel like I'm under prepared going in to it.

    Well done on your 10k time sub 1 hour is excellent and as for the 2 months smoke free, congratulations! You're doing well. Do you feel any better for it?

  • Either find a plan, or keep it simple with nothing more complicated than making 1 of your runs incrasingly slightly slower and longer by around a mile a week than it currently is. And add some speed or hill work in to one of the other runs. Maybe swap the steady 5 miler for a park run some weeks.

    Well done on the 10km time.

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    Definitely agree on following a beginner plan as the best approach.  You can get plenty for free (including this site) that have incorporated expert advice into a step-by-step plan to develop your fitness and endurance.

    Just follow a beginner's plan as you don't want to get too complicated when you're a new runner. Just by getting out regularly and not smoking you will see significant improvements in your fitness.  You'll see lots of advice about speed work (intervals, tempo, lactate, etc ... etc ...) but these only become relevant when your improvements start to plateau, which you are many months away from.     

    You don't say if you run the same route 3x a week, but I'm guessing you may do as its the same distance.  Is worth adding in some different routes and distances just to mix up your training and keep it interesting. 

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