Broken Feet

I fractured a heel and badly bruised my other one as the result of a fall a couple of weeks ago. I'm due to be out of plaster in a couple of weeks time and am wondering how quickly I should get back into running.

Obviously heels are subjected to a great deal of impact when running, so does this mean I won't be able to start running from the moment that my foot is set free from its cage?

Anyone been through anything similar and have any tips?


  • No idea from a medical point of view, V-rap's your lady for this (I guess the advice is start very gently and try swimming to build up strength in early stages).

    From a lay point of view, it sounds like you've had a tough time, I think it's really positive that you are already working out how best to get and wish you all the best.
  • I think it's really positive that you are already working out how best to get BACK and wish you all the best.

    (oh how I miss the edit key!)
  • Wow. Thanks Nick. Its good to have support.
  • I sympathize - I've had 3 fractures in 1 foot and 2 in the other so I do understand. If you can, not only swimming is good but acqua-jogging is great for fitness. A half-hour session of running in water is worth about a 2-hour run. My other recommendation is biking, either at the gym or on a home trainer if you have one, you can get a really good workout and it does help to bump up your cardiovascular fitness. Good luck with your recovery - may you always run in sunlit forests!
  • I agree with Ironwolf. I broke my ankle quite badly 15 months ago. Swimming was the best thing i ever did once out of plaster, not only does it ease the foot back without too much pressure, but is good for building up overall fitness again. Good luck!
  • Thanks guys. I guess I'll keep off the running for a bit, but running in water doesn't sound intriguing, especially if you can fit four times as much work into the time period.

    Are there many classes for this kind of thing or do you just go down to any pool and ignore any quizzical looks that you get? If the latter is the case, then do you run in the shallow end, when water is at waist height or in deeper water?

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