Training Disruptions

Disruptions to your training schedule are often inevitable for the average runner be it through work, injury or unforeseen circumstances. Often, its not a matter of will it happen but when will it happen. While there is a wealth of information on different training programmes and how to come back from a break to continue training for a set target date, I've been drawing a blank on information for those who train simply to train. 

To give context, I'd been following a training schedule for 14 weeks when work took over and I was unable to train for 4 weeks (schedule linked at bottom of post). Now that I'm looking to get back into it I'm not sure where to start. Does time off set you back in a linear line or a non linear one? Where in programmes, relative to where they stopped, have others in similar situations decided to restart their training? 

While I understand there is no exact answer, I guess I'm searching for other peoples experiences to benchmark against. Any help will be much appreciated. 


Programme I'm currently following -


  • my only advice is if you want to run better then find a better plan.........not one that just gives one pace to suit all abilities and all runs in the week......

    also they do not include a warm up or a cool down so to have a short run without these is very silly...and will just get you injured......

    and how much kit do you have to wash.and time to waste that you go swimming 4/5 times a week and only swim for 15 mins........and run for 17 mins ...

    so what are you trying to achieve by following such a daft training schedule


  • Naturally the programme is used as a guideline only. I didn't specify this as I didn't want to take over the topic which is how do you decide where to restart a programme, any programme, when its been disrupted?! 

    To answer your questions, I have a 15 minute warm up and equal warm down, both including a mixture of stationary and dynamic stretching. Instead of swimming I row for the allotted time. When I began the programme the first 4 weeks were run on a treadmill with each week increasing the pace by 30 seconds. I also ran in the 3rd week. Week 5 and later were run outdoors and while the milage was obeyed, pace and style of training was altered. For example week 9 was completed as;

                      Mon - 4 miles at 6:30 pace, 

                      Tue - 4 miles fartlek

                      Wed - 5 miles at 7.30 pace

                      Fri - 3 miles at flat out pace which usually averages between 5:30 to 6.00 pace

    In addition to this I'll have hill training twice a week and cycling 4 times a week. I'm not a complete idiot and I believe that with my personal alterations the programme is sound. What I've been achieving with this programme from my recorded times is improved average times each week, improved strength in the strength part of the programme and in general noticeable changes to my physic that I like. The guideline of the linked programme is something I came across, liked the look of and altered to suit my goals and I'll continue it up and till the point I fail to see progress. 

  • I you linked for the programme then i thought it was important....

    I think the answers that you get about disruption to the programme would be different if you were following a running programme......and also the reason why the disruption occurred.......injury, holidays.exhaustion....etc all would have a different answer....also the length of months, years you have been running and the volume involved makes a difference.

    but as you are following a programme that seems more directed to make you get a hot body you might get some better answers from a forum that is based on getting a hot I'm sure the answers will be different.....I know the answers for swimming is very different to the answer for running ......

  • My bad, I should have been clearer. Given that the programme consists of running, swimming and some strength work I don't see how its irrelevant to this forum. Any good running programme should incorporate some strength work and the swimming aspect comes under triathlon training. The way I've altered the running aspect makes it very similar to plenty of running programmes I've seen. I would say this is the perfect place to ask. 

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