Setting up a Hare and Tortoise

I used to run in a Hare and Tortoise "race" every week with work. It was a timed 5k where everyone was back timed to cross the line at the same time. 

I'm looking to create this as an evening training run inviting friends - ideally I'd like not to have to have a timer person and thought I could possibly do this by having a circular route and leaving a cheapish stopwatch hanging on a gate or whatever. The idea being the first person past the line becomes the timer. I take it there are no low cost cheap RFID solutions that I could live with being stolen whilst we're out running?

Does anyone have any tips for running such an event?


  • I can't see why it wouldn't work... or you could just get everybody to wear watches and time themselves.

  • That's a great idea, I've never heard of that before.

    So it's a staggered start based on your estimated finishing time? Just make sure everyone's estimates are accurate and you won't need a timer!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Our club does this for an event in the run up to Xmas and there is a lot of friendly competition.  There is even a trophy awarded image  We do have "official timing", but you wouldn't necessarily need it if everyone was realistic with their expected finishing times.  

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