Thoughts on training schedule?

So I just completed my first 10k 2 weeks ago in about 40 minutes, having done about 6 weeks of training. Athletics season at my school is coming up and I was aiming for either 400m, 800m, or 1500m, as I'm quite good at maintaining a near sprint, but not that great at sprinting.

I was going to follow this training plan I just came up with, is it alright? Ideas on improvements or is it ok?


Monday: Full sprint up and down the other side of a roughly 50m high hill, rest for about 2 minutes, then repeat about 5-7 times.

Tuesday: 5 mile slower than 10k pace run, speeding up to 800m pace in last half mile.

Wednesday: 5 mile run, split into 1 mile warm up then 3.5miles alternating every 2 minutes between 800m pace and an easy pace, then a half mile cool down.

Thursday: 5 mile steady, maintenance run.

Friday: Same as monday, hill sprints.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long, steady run, 7-14 miles.


Cheers for any adviceimage


  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Looks very intense. How many weeks were you planning on doing like that?

  • Looks a hard schedule for a week, maybe consider taking out the 2nd hill sprints session and maybe including an interval session, such as 8x400m with 60secs recovery

  • Demolisher

    Replace steady with slow on the Sunday, treat it as a leisurely stroll in the park at first in order to get the aerobic benefits from it. If you are too fast on this run it will mess you up for the next week and increase the risk of injury.

    On that note the first part of the week has three hard runs back to back right after a tiring long run. There is a fair chance you will be injured before the week is out. Wouldn't fancy a hard session until Tuesday at the earliestand then another hard one on Thursday/Friday with easy runs in between. Slot the easy sessions in around the two hard sessions and keep the long run slow and you will be getting more training in as opposed to sitting on the sidelines injured or under-performing as a result of being over-trained. Why not ask your PE teacher or join a running club for quality advice?

    Hope you have a good season.

  • I'll probably swap some of the harder runs about and have some more easier ones 

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