Recovery after a race

I ran the Great North on Sunday, great run for me, under 1:27. What sort of distances, sessions should I do over the next couple of weeks?


  • What a great time. Really impressive. Wish i could do that time.
    Take it seasy for the next week or so. Start with a gentle 3-5 miles really slowly for a couple of days, then start to build up the mileage again after about 2 weeks. Remember to allow 1 day of rest/gentle jogging for each mile of racing. After the two weeks you should be able to start building up the mileage and speedwork again without too much difficluty.
  • For a half marathon - as a rule of thumb I half the number of sessions I do a week for the following week – for me that’s down to 1 per day and I keep to shorter distances than normal *66% of norm) and lower intensity

  • What a splendid time, bearded one. After that, you can do whatever you like!

    I plan to do the same sessions this week as I would have done had I not run the GNR. I was unable to race at more than long-run pace, and 13 miles is in the same range as my current long-run distance, so I'm treating it as if it was a training run.
  • Goat - I have no idea what your training should be, sorry - I just wanted to say contrats on a fab time for the GNR.

    Happy Shambler!
  • thanks for your help

    Yes I couldn't believe my time, nearly three minutes off last year. I've been following the Runners World schedule and really getting stuck in to the speedwork. I also did some extra runs in the two weeks building up to pre race week and then really tapered down.

    I'm going to press on now and go for a sub 3 hour marathon at London next year. I did inside 3.15 this year so it's quite a jump.
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