Resting after a marathon

I ran the London marathons 4weeks ago I've never ran one before but have done plenty of halves . I just wanted to know how long should I leave it before I start training again ? I'm always busy cycling going to the gym and running but recently I've felt completely worn out ! Is this due to bit resting enough ? How long does it take to recover from a marathon. ??


  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Physically, most people are capable of training normally after 4 weeks. It can cerainly take that long for your body to get back in balance.

    After the first of my 3 marathons, I was capable of running normally (I think)... but just couldn't be bothered... perhaps for about 6-10 weeks.


  • It all depends on the individual.

    After my first marathon I couldn't even walk for a week.

    A few years down the road and I'm back running a few days later.

    Try a small run and see how you feel ?
  • I've ran a half on Sunday and just felt done in whilst running it !
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    I ran 7 miles on the Thursday and felt pretty good. I did a Parkrun two weeks after and felt pretty good. I ran a half on Sunday and felt ok. Not feeling the love now though.

    Quite a few people ran at the weekend and struggled though. Warm weather.
  • Feels like I'm having sugar crashes as well . Came over a bit funny after a spin class today . I've also ran a Parkrun since felt ok when I done it as well Just haven't felt like running much this week to tired !!
  • There is a saying that you should allow a day per mile raced as recovery. Active recovery is seen as better than sitting on your bum, but some bum sitting is also required as is some topping up on fruit and veg and a bit of protein. Some folk can race marathons week after week with seemingly no ill effects, but they are super Gods. Follow them at your perilimage
  • I'm confused. You say you ran a half on Sunday ? So you are back already ?
  • Nicola- I did my first marathon on Monday, was wondering the same thing and found this link on another thread somewhere...

    Although it's 4 weeks since you ran yours theres still some interesting advice on there for future reference......might be a bit late though if you've already gone on to do a half! 

  • Cougie I was just after some advice on what most people do . Yes I ran a half but was so worn out and tired I was crying on the first 4 miles !

    Thank you for the link I'll have a read of it .
  • Emjay what marathon did you do?
  • Milton Keynes! 

    Legs are still suffering today so I'm taking heed of all the advice in that link! Was considering doing parkrun tomorrow but not sure if I could manage it in all honesty! 

  • I ran the half it was a tough one with the weather being so warm and the unexpected hills . I live in MK didn't realise the route had that many in or I would of done more hill training . I also thought as I've done a full marathon a half wouldn't be to hard . I couldn't of been more wrong . Well done for doing the full marathon emjay999 x
  • Thanks! Well done to you too! 

    Same here about the hills, a definite learning point for me as although my regular training route has the odd gentle undulation (Nothing worse than those underpasses!) I didn't do any specific hill training. I've suffered badly with painful quads since Monday so I'm wondering if hill training will help avoid that in future. Thankfully I seem to be back to normal today but I gave to parkrun a miss this morning. Will resume with some gentle training from Tuesday as per the hal higdon plan image

    Did you manage to push yourself for a decent time at MK or was it too much? I'm not planning on doing another half until Bournemouth in October which leaves masses of time for recovery and training, plus I really need to improve on my 5 & 10k times during the summer. 

  • I wanted to complete the half under 2hrs but I think it just wasn't meant to be . I'm sure my chip was broken too as I came in 1144 and someone else had a similar position but the time was better then mine so odd ! Also my friend finished after me but her time was quicker then mine .
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