New pair of favourite running shoes hurting

I'm not a serious runner by any stretch of the imagination but when I started running consistently in cheap trainers about five years ago, I developed knee pain.  Self diagnosed overpronation.  Bought Asics Gel Foundation 8 stability shoes as they were on sale.  Sorted my knee out over night!

Stopped running at all for last two years.  Started again a month ago, around 4 miles a day.

The heels have majorly worn now on the original shoes, so I bought a pair of the latest Asics GF (11) to refresh.  Old worn shoes have been fine for the last month but the new ones give me knee pain!

Is it possible my gate has changed over the five years and these shoes are no longer appropriate or have I just got used to the worn ones?  Or C) none of the above?

Any advice greatly received.


  • Best thing to do is go to your nearest shop and get a proper gait analysis. If there is one thing worth investing in when running, its the shoes.

  • Yup, definitely would do if I had my time again but just paid £80 for these new ones thinking they worked for me in the past.

    Feel a bit tight getting the shop analysis then not buying.  Maybe I could just tell them the truth.

  • The idea of the gait analysis is to get you the exact shoe that corrects your pronation. At least thats what they did for me. I tried different shoes on the treadmill until i could see (They showed me) my corrected gait in a vertical line.

    Its no good going for a gait analysis and then just deciding you are going to use the shoes you already had anyway. But you can easily say to them after the analysis "Thats great, I'll ask my girlfriend/mum/other to come in and get these as a birthday present" and then go and buy them online.

    Of course, there is always the chance that its not the shoes at all and is something different. But I'd try the shoes first. A reanalysis and new properly fitted shoes have always fixed my niggles when my current pairs reach their mileage life.

  • And have you found your needs change over time then?  I guess that's what's happened to me.

  • Yes, definitely. Losing weight, improving my form, getting faster. My gait and technique in general is different now from when I started.

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