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I am a beginner and I am training for the London Marathon. Most of my running is done in and around Tooting Bec Common where I often come into contact with other runners - I'm running one way, they're running the other way and we pass eachother. I would like to say "Hi" to these people as we pass but, as a beginner, I am shy and not sure of the etiquette so I just look at them, waiting for them to say "Hi" to me but they never do. Is this normal and am I wrong to want to say "Hi" as I meet other runners ? Wouldn't that be nice ? I have found pedestrians on Tooting Bec Common to be very polite, however, kindly moving out of the way and smiling etc.

Michael Rodgers.


  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Hi michael, I am beginnerish, 5 months, and I allways say Hi/Good morning, and 99% of time I get one back, friendly lot runners.
    So say Hi......

  • Anything from a nice clear "Hi" and a smile to a grunt and a half hearted attempt to lift your hand is fine (if you can only raise a grunt don't worry they'll understand).

    No point trying to engage them in conversation or crack jokes it'll only out you & them off and anyway you'll have passed before you get to the end.

    Coming back from a long run last Saturday I was working hard up the final hill to my house when a neighbour said "Good morning, that's looking impressive etc", all I could manage was a very limp way and a grunt - I felt the need to find them later in the day to apologise (not sure why).

    Hope you continue to find that runners really are a friendly (if slightly mad) group.
  • Hi Michael - I'm a beginner too, and run up and down the canal in Tottenham. I normally give passing runners a 'Hi' or a smile, and often get a nod and smile in return. Except for one really speedy whippet-like man who races past me looking (a) fantastic and (b) much too serious to awknowledge a greeting. So I just run backwards for a few paces and admire the view...
  • I Try and catch their eye. If they look at me then I smile and and nod. I would say about half will look and half don't even acknowledge my existance :-( The more posh the area the less smiles.
  • Funny, I live in London too (originally from Ireland) and I find the same reaction but in numerous situations, not just running. Pubs, tube, street, work. Then again I dont wash and maybe that explains it

    PS the last bit was a joke, honest, no,no ,it was OKAY
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