P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread 2014

Using P&D for the first time in prep for Robin Hood Marathon (Nottingham). Aiming to bring my PB down from 3:26 to sub 3:15.

Starting 1st week of June for a September 28th Marathon.

Which marathon are you training for?

Any advice on getting the most out of the training schedule would be much appreciated.








  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Which of the plans are you using? 55, 70 etc? 

  • 'Just' the 55, which will be a big step up as I've run my previous 4 marathons off much less volume (25-35mi/wk).

    And you?
  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Oi!  Some of us are still doing spring marathons image

  • 55 mile schedule

    Saturday, Week11 

    'General aerobic + speed 7m (11km) w/8 x 100 m strides p.m'

    What does the p.m mean? It is the only time it appears on the schedule, can only think it means afternoon/evening run.

    Any ideas?


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Ignore it. We have previously decided its a misprint from an older edition when there was two runs that day. 

  • Thanks DT19, thought It was just me!

  • Loch Ness for me 28th sept , so also starting the first week in June ,

    loosely followed these schedules before they make you a string runner . 

    Did 3.45 in London this year ( I'm 52) hoping to improve on that in September 

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Madbee wrote (see)

    Oi!  Some of us are still doing spring marathons image

    I was wondering where all the posts had gone ... then realised it was a new Autumn thread!image



    Steve Trotter 2 wrote (see)

    Using P&D for the first time in prep for Robin Hood Marathon (Nottingham). Aiming to bring my PB down from 3:26 to sub 3:15.

    Starting 1st week of June for a September 28th Marathon.

    Which marathon are you training for?

    Any advice on getting the most out of the training schedule would be much appreciated.



    Also considering Nottingham ... would prefer Chester but I think I will have to take my daughter back to Uni that day. Have you done it before?

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭


    I'm running Snowdonia Marathon on Oct 25th, and starting the 55mile/18week schedule on 15th June.

    I'm starting a week early to give me some buffer for illness/injury etc and also to make the plan align with a local half marathon in the 5th week (where the plan has 13 miles at marathon pace).  I would recommend the early start as there's a good chance in 18 weeks that life will get in the way, and its much easier and less stressful to postpone a session than decide which ones are missed completely. 

    Previously used the same plan for last year's London Marathon, finishing in 3:30:15.  This was slower than planned, but that was due to other things than the plan.

    For Snowdonia, a PB with a sub-3:30 is the ambition - but due to the toughness of the course I'll be happy to complete it. 



  • Hello, I will be running Abingdon Marathon on 19th October and following the 55-70 mile/18week schedule image 

    Sure this thread will kick off more in June when everyones schedules begin to start.

    Until then good luck with all your running image

  • Yes I'm doing Frankfurt, using 70 - 85 18 or 12 weeks depending how long my track season lasts

  • Hi folks. Using 18/55 (starting early June 14, can't remember the exact date!) for my 1st marathon in October. I've done the first week (33mi) quite a few times already.

    Question: on week 1 Tuesday, he prescribes a LT run - 8mi with 4 @ HM race pace.

    I've been doing this as 4 mi @ HM race pace, then trying to kick up a gear to LT pace. It seems to me I might have misinterpreted the schedule. Is it supposed to be 4mi at general aerobic pace, then kick up to HMRP?

  • xmjsx- I followed that schedule for my spring marathon and I interpreted it as 4miles aerobic pace with 4miles at HM race pace.


  • Scott Pulley - thank you. I've been thinking about it and the more I did the less what I was doing made sense! Your interpretation is no doubt correct.

    I saw a quote from Pfitz himself saying "The tempo runs I use for my athletes most frequently are four to six miles at 15K to half-marathon race pace."

    So to be doing 4 @ HM race pace then another 4 slightly faster is crackers!

  • Yeah guess doing 4 at hm pace and then another 4 faster wouldn't be a bad progression session though. Although extremely hard I'd imagine. What marathon you doing in October xmjsx?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Hello! Just blundering in here because it was at the top of the recent threads list and I was looking for the spring thread. I think it would be a massive injury risk, unless you are also planning to warm up before launching straight into HMP. I think it is 3 miles easy, 4 miles LT (which is the same as HMP if you can run a HM in around an hour), 1 mile cool-down.

  • literatin - yes that makes sense! I am wishing I can do a HM in an hour image

    Scott - doing the Chester marathon. As I say, it's my first so shooting for 3:29...

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I found the following link quite useful as it provides a summary of each session type in a single place (NB I think the schedule at the bottom of the web page is from the first edition of the book, so may be different to the current book)


    If you have a look at the description of the LT run, you'll see '8m with 4@ HM' would be 4m at LT pace after 2 to 3 miles warm-up, leaving a 1 to 2 mile cool down.


  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    I think it's worth noting that Pfitz says that the HM pace is really only for faster runners - most of us should be running LT runs quite a bit quicker than HM pace.  For example when I started I picked the easy end of the paces - my HM at the time was 8:30 miling, my LT was actually closer to 7:30.  So bear in mind that the LT runs should feel hard, even when it's 'only' four miles.  He describes LT pace as a pace that could be sustained in a race effort for around an hour.

  • Hi all. Also running Abingdon and using the 55-70 18 week schedule with a couple of tweaks to remove the doubles (can't run before work)

    Have previously used the up to 55m netting a 3:13 a few years ago. I've been doing a stride or LT session once a week for the last 6 wks or so to prepare.

    I did the LT session on Tuesday with 3m easy, 4m @ 6:39 and then 1.5m easy to warm down. Remember the 11 mile run with 7 @ HM pace being pretty tough!!

    Best of luck all.

  • What time are you aiming for at Abingdon Just Running? I am following the same schedule for Abingdon and also think I will remove the doubles won't make a big difference.

    Nice LT session there.

  • Scott - not quite sure yet. Reckon sub 3:10 but will assess nearer the time.


  • I'm not really too sure, just ran Milton Keynes as my first marathon in 3:24, I would love to break 3:15 but think that might be a bit of a push.

    Good luck with the sub 3:10

  • who knows Scott it is possible, someone I know went from 3:38 to 3:24. You'll have a brilliant base to build from. Well done, great time for your 1st one.

    Thanks, you too with whatever you decide.

  • I found a  really useful spreadsheet which allows you to insert your target time, 15K to HM pace and HR. It then calculates your P&D target pace for each workout. You can also add the date of your marathon and it will show your target runs for each week.

    See the post from 13 June 2012 by veryCoolRunner


    It all starts for me next week, can't wait!


  • Took a look at that looks very useful, cheers for that.

    Think it will come in useful when my schedule starts in a few weeks image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello all. Signing in. I'll be using a tweaked P&D 70-85 for Yorkshire marathon in October. Tweaked in that it will actually be about 10mi or so less than in the schedule, less mileage for the recovery runs; and also will move stuff around a bit as fitting it round running to/from work on certain days.

    Have used P&D for 3 different marathons now...

  • After lurking on the spring thread, siphoning off the motivation for my own marathon in Manchester, I guess I'm in (this thread) for real. Signed up for Nottingham and I'll be starting my training this week, 55/70. I've used 18/55 twice and run 3:47 both times. However, after each marathon I've slacked off serious training. An autumn marathon will hopefully keep my honest.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Not registered on that coolrunning website so can't download the spreadsheet, but I expect I have the same that I got off someone from this forum a year or two ago. I can email it, so if anyone wants it PM me.


  • Ah this is where everyone has run off to is it????

    I have decided to do a half arsed 12 week P&D schedule for venice on October 26th. Just to join the gang really and be in the company of such an esteemed bunch of runners.

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