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Hi all, 

My great Aunt Evelyn Forster, was the holder of the Women's World Record for the mile from the 22nd July, 1939 when she ran in 5'15.3" until 14th June, 1952. 

The only references to this I can find online are on the Wiki page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mile_run_world_record_progression

I want to find out more - where in London did she run, what other races did she run in. I know from family stories that at the time she had to pay for her own kit, pay her own bus fare and so on - but I want to find out a bit more detail.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might look ? Many thanks !





5:15.3 Evelyn Forster

 United Kingdom 22 July 1939 London


  • Hi Adam,

    I would suggest the national newspapers, or perhaps the local papers. The Daily Express was the "top" sports newspaper at the time.

    My grandfather had the 100 yrds record in the 1920s and I found details in the Daily Express archives.

    Try: http://www.ukpressonline.co.uk/ukpressonline/open/index.jsp

    It's difficult to do an accurate search but if you persevere.

    Otherwise try your local large library who will point you in the right direction.



    PS. Are you quicker?

  • Great - thanks Piers. And sadly no.....I wish !

  • Piers - just want to say a huge thanks to you again. That link found me two references, including a 1938 win of the three mile cross country championships in Luton where, finishing in a time of 21'58" she said she had an idea she would win as she had seen a chimney sweep on her way to the race. Priceless !

  • Cheers for posting that. as I'm a bit on an athletics history buff.image

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