Is anybody going to this exhibition? They do a supersprint indoor triathlon as well, and it would be fun to get at least one team of three people together. Anybody game for this?


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    even better, how about a little friendly competition between forums? a few of us on tt are doing it.
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  • TT = the forum that triathletes link into, some people have a foot in both camps since many started life (and still are )as runners!
    We are luvly really, just like RW folk.
  • Thanks for clearing that up, MF! So...anyone?
  • They've got a pool there? ;o)
  • it's a rowing one...
  • I was thinking of doing it although not too sure what kinda time would not make me last?? Any ideas how long the average person would take. By the way I've never done a tri before and this seemed like a short distance. My rough times would be Row - 500m - 3min??, Bike 2K - 4min??, 750m run - 3min

    Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  • Where is this Tep? and when?
  • I bet it's London area, they never have anything like that near me!
  • Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey. I raced their last year, and I didn't come last !
    Great place to see the latest gear and listen in on the training forums. Jodie Swallow, Spensor Smith, Steve Trew etc etc were there last year. Put my name down a team member but I'd prefer to race on my own.
  • Bit too far nowI 'm saving up for Austria sorry
  • shame,
    BTW this indoor tri. why isn't it branded the smilebuster like last year and also is the distance shorter?
  • Don't know about the smilebuster, but the distances are certainly short - 500m row, 2K cycle and 750m run.
  • triathlon boy - What kind of time did you do last year?
  • Hey what's the date of this?

    Not sure i can fit it in but I could do the row if I can get there

    Sub 1.30 for definate although I've not done it for a long time
  • Tep, your right about the distanace they are short,very short sort of supersprint indoor tri.
    TT I did the Smile Buster sprint,- row 1500,bike 6k run 2k. I'm not that fit but took me 22 mins and I think I was ranked 208th in the country?
  • so... could I do this and a 17mile run on the Sunday? If so count me in... what do I have to do?
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    SR, sub 1:30!? what do you eat, spinach?!
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  • It's more a case of what I don't eat ;)

    The amount i go through in a day scares me some time - leads to big weight gain when I don't train as well (like over xmas/new year) a nice gain of 2Kgs in a few days - nice

  • what was the winning time for the 3000m 220 triathlon thingy I heard some one metion a while back?
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    depends - whats your age and weight and ill tell the table in mag on my desk. shame you didnt send a time off, you'd prob do very well.
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  • hey Daz, who broke TT?
  • Age 23 - weight 86 Kg

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    slowpoke, whats happened!? im getting withdrawal symptoms!

    SR, you'd have been in the heavyweight 18-29 category. time a/o the december issue was 10:19 (stuart storey)
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  • oh, I can do 9.58 - any prizes? or just your name in lights?
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    not sure, i THINK you're in with a chance of a concept 2 rower. take a look at the site:
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  • What - THE Stuart Storey? I know him!
  • from memory 9:58 would be overall leading time at the moment.
  • When does the comp end? And where do I enter? I'm saving for a concept 2 at the moment :)

    What proof do you need of your time?
  • no proof apparently. Try the 220 website to enter.
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