[Need advice] Back to running after 5 months off sport

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  So 4 weeks ago I started running again after 5 months off doing any sports (not good I know) I joined a running club and now run around 3-4 times a week between 6 and 10k so 30 to 40k per week. I also changed my diet from being fat/carb rich to more proteins and vegetables + nuts and good fats.   I am 1.87m high and weigh 94kg. I'd like to lose 8 more kilograms to reach my ideal weight. I am pretty athletic but realised that despite being 3-4 weeks back into training my legs always feel tired and my lungs do not seem to get any better. I ran a 10k race this WE and had to walk after km5 for 1mn prior to starting running again. My legs were absolutely killing me and so were my lungs.   I really feel like I'm stagnating despite all my efforts and my change in diet and lifestyle. I ultimately want to progress, lose weight, run faster and longer to go trail running but am wondering if I'm doing the right things in the ight order.   I was hoping for things to get better gradually but my legs and lungs are telling me otherwise and I feel like every run is a mission. My training is as follow: 10k Monday, track running on Tuesday, Intervals Thursday and fun 10-12krun in parks on the WE.   Maybe I started running again too soon too quickly and my body has not yet had the time to adapt? What is your experience on this? 



  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    3-4 weeks really isn't very long to start seeing improvements in fitness, so the first thing I'd suggest is to have a bit of patience!  Regarding the 10k, it was probably a simple matter of setting out too quick for your current fitness level. You're obviously well motivated and maybe a little frustrated not to be at some former level.

    On the subject of patience, I'd also suggest that you're trying to do too much intense running.  Again, maybe you're use to a certain routine from previous times but if you're beginning to build up after months out, virtually all your running should be at an easy pace until you've had a few weeks to get used to a decent volume, then add the quality back in.  I'd suggest one quality session max, for the foreseeable future, preferably based around tempo/threshold type sessions, before easing back into intervals. Hopefully this will get your legs feeling strong, rather than tired all the time.

    The diet plan looks sensible so stick with and if you can build up the training sensibly over 2-3 months hopefully the weight will look after itself.


  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Straight back into 30-40K.  You're asking for an injury.

    And why are your legs tired?  Surely it's obvious!

    Patience Nicolas!  Honestly, you'll likely be burnt out/injured within another month if you don't give your body chance to adapt.

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