Calf injury woes

Morning all, wasnt sure where to post this but looking for some confirmation/good advice. I pulled up on Sunday with what I think is a calm strain or possible tear and ended up having to walk home in the middle of a training run. This was my last long run before the Manchester 10k on Sunday. So far I've iced and elevated etc and booked in for a physio to look at it on Wednesday. It has made me limp and I know I have to rest it but deep down I know I'm going to miss the 10k. 

While I realise this is a common injury and I am not the first person to suffer, its the first time in 4 years of running I've had anything like this. How do you come to terms with dealing with it and missing training/races? I'm sure I'm doing the right things to fix it but at the back of my head I cant help wanting to go and run. I've had the usual good advice from non runners but if anybody had told me 4 years ago I would be so addicted to it I wouldn't have believed them! I realise the above may sound daft but I guess I as curious how to deal with it. I do have 2 more 10k's lined up in June so I guess I have something to work for, but it doesn't stop me feeling crap right now. Any advice or thoughts gratefully received !

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