Newb question regarding training by a not so newb runnner


I've run since I was 9 (now 47) with the past two years off due to illness.  I've never been a slim runner, and even when playing rugby with a body fat % of 4 I still weighed 14st 3lb.  Unfortunately, a combination of no exercise and medication taken saw me balloon to 21 stone, but I am now down to 16.5 with a combination of weights and running plan from The Runner's Handbook.  I am doing an upper body weights programme consisting of 9 exercises of 3 sets of 7-12 reps (just one day) because I read somewhere that muscle mass increases basal metabolic rate, and this in turn will help me to lose more weight.  When I do this I then struggle to go out for a run due to extreme fatigue.  On the other three days I run long for 6 miles, do a 3 miler at conversational pace and a 3 miler with 1.5 miles of intervals.  Would I be better to split the weights over two days (ie 5 exercises on 1 day and 4 on another) with 3 mile runs (effectively introducing another 3 miles into my weekly routine), continue with the full weights and no run on that particular day, or give up the weights completely and concentrate on swiss ball exercises to supplement my running?  I wish to lose another 2 stone and then I'll be happy, and then simply continue running as a way to continue eating without gaining weight.  Your advice is gratefully received!  There's a lot of information here but thanks very much for answering.


  • You just need to experiment and find what works for you. Any new regime is hard to until you get used to it.

    Have you tried running before your weights session?

    If the purpose of the weight training is weight loss you should do leg exercises rather than just upper body stuff. The quads, glutes and calves are the biggest muscles in the body and where most of the fat burning is done.
  • I would recommend doing two weight training sessions.  The first back, shoulders and Chest with a steady 30minute cardio session afterwards.  Probably bike or rower best. Then legs, triceps & biceps with another cardio session afterward as before.  Working weights then cardio means you are more likely to have depleted your glycogen levels so fat burning can take place.  Three set of between 10 to 12 reps is good.  Remember too that your metabolisum will speed up with increased lean muscle tissue so weight training is good for you.  I would do one day weights/cardio then one day just running and so on.  It is important to rest too. 

    Food intake should be considered too.  You need to fuel your body adequately if you going to be running.  Tiredness is usually caused by lack of rest or fuel.

    Just my opinion, but hope it helps image

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