Couple of Questions

Can anyone help me please....couple of questions.....

What is the difference between an easy run and a recovery run ?


Also when building mileage and incorporating a cut back week, how much should be cutback? 50%, 75% ?



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    I'm no expert but my answers would be as follows...

    (1) Duration: I'd say a recovery run would be 20-30 mins where as an EZ run could be for longer -- On second thoughts I'd say there's probably not a lot of difference.

    (2) 10% decrease for a cutback week.


  • Recovery runs are short, easy runs don't have to be.

    Cutback up to a third ( so long runs of 10 miles, 11 miles, 12 miles, then 8 miles etc)

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    CB -- Ater the cutback week would you do 12 or 13 miles?

  • ok thanks guys

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