Position of arms/elbows while running


I have noticed, from race photos, that my arms/elbows are crooked outwards while running and not inline and parallel to my body (which is how I feel). Generally speaking as far as form and efficiency, is this a problem?



  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Not unless you are sporting feathers and a beak. 


  • It might be a problem for those running with/near you........I was slowly reeling in a lady who was ahead of me and slightly to my left in the Market Drayton 10k last Sunday. I noted that her arms/elbows were swinging quite wildly out from her body with each step so eased a little further to my right as I drew up to pass her. At about the same time she decided to veer right for no apparent reason and her wayward right elbow came back and............depressed the 'lap' button on my Garmin image thus interfering with my pacing plan. Grrrrrr!

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