Whatever happened to....

or do you really care .. or are you old enough to remember.

From the 80's

Grandmaster flash & the furious 5.
The Bodysnatchers
Who sang the 'clapping song' ?? 7 girls i think.
David Christie - remember that terrible song 'Saddle Up'
Carol Decker
Howard Jones (i confess an album might be tucked away somewhere !)
Alannah someone..what band was she in (not Morissette)- was she with HJ.
Tears for Fears
Melle Mel - or am i back to Grandmaster flash)
Big Country
David Sylvian (who had hair like him ?) not me
Toni Basil - don't start singing it...

and the list could go on...



  • Yes I remember such innnocent days.
  • The guy from Big Country is dead. What was the name of the Howard Jones "hit" was it New Song or something like that. "Video killed the radio Star" has arisen again - even my 12 year old knows it ...

  • The "drugs thing" was "White Lines (Don't Do It)". "And if you get addicted, it ain't nobody else's fault so DON'T DO IT!".

    Alannah somebody - possibly Alannah Currie who was in The Thompson Twins: big blonde mohican? Ring any bells? "We Are Detective", "You Take Me Up", "Doctor Doctor", etc?

    David Sylvian - Japan were a superb band, still listen to them occasionally.

  • Barkles - yes those were the days when you could do bugger all in the afternoons, just play games on your ZX81.


    PB - White Lines by Grandmaster flash

    TSB - Yes New Song was one of his. By the way, i didn't know Stuart Adamson was dead. !

  • Howard Jones: "New Song", "What Is Love", "Like To Get To Know You Well", erm, that's all the ones I can remember.

    Nik Kershaw, anyone?
  • I was listening to an 80's compilation on the way in today, to name a few

    Imagination - Belouis Some
    System Addict - Five Star
    Land of Make Believe - Bucks Fizz
    Souvenier - OMD
    I don't want to be a hero - Johny Hates Jazz
    Wah - The Mighty Wah
    Oh Micky - Toni Basil
    Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
    See You - Depeche Mode
    Video killed.... - Buggles
    and some number from Human League which escapes me
    .... and many, many more I can't remember. I didn't have the volume up too load on the train as I was embarassed :)
  • Alannah Currie..cheers Mr A.

    oh no, Caz has mentioned the Toni Basil song.

    Wah, forgot about them.

  • The Mighty Wah! "Story of the Blues" is, quite simply, one of the best songs of all time!

    "Imagination" had a very naughty video from what I remember, with one of the greatest opening lines ever - "She lit a cigarette, both hands behind her back".

  • "We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, 'cos your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine. We can go where we want to, if we don't, nobody will. And you can act real cool, and totally removed, and I can act like an imbecile."

    Reminiscing isn't what it used to be....

  • Actually "The Story of the Blues" song (I'm crap at song titles) is the one on my tape, fantastic!! I was on the tube by then and whacked the volume up. (Way on low for Bucks Fizz and Five Star especially)

    The Human League one wasn't Don't you want me, some later number, oh it's going to bug me now.

    Actually how do you light a cigarette with both hands behind your back?? I might try that Friday.
  • "Echo Beach" - now there was a gem...

    as was
    "Is Vic There" by Department S
  • that was Safety Dance by Men without Hats

    also put me in mind of Waiting For a Train by Flash & The Pan

    God I'm almost feeling nostalgic about that awful decade....

  • Human League: "Mirror Man", "Louise", "Love Action", "Human", "(Keep Feeling) Fascination", "Lebanon"???
  • Imagination was by Belouise Somme and yes the video was banned for a while cos it was naughty. Similar to Duran Duran's Girls on film

    Alanah currie was in Thompson Twins as was Tom Bailey and erm Joe Leeway. Thompson Twins was originally formed by Tom Bailey and Pete Dodd. They used to invite folk up onto the stage and give em percussion instruments to bang as they pleased in time to the music.

    Stuart Adamson of Big Country died last year I think it was

    Department S - Is vic there

  • Mike S - you win first prize!

    "Last night I had the strangest dream, I sailed away to China, on a boat from Carolina..."

    At least that's how I remember this particular song starting...another 80s one-hit wonder...

  • Mr A, no noe of them, I'm going to have to have another listen and I'll give you a few lines, hang on....
  • Hm, this was those fallow pre-Smiths years. How about a bit of Ultravox? When I was 12 my coolest record to take to a party was OMD - borrowed from my big SIS. Around this time I bought my first ever LP - Complete (or was it Utter?) Madness. Too valuable to take to parties though!
  • I used to like Thomas Dolby too.

  • I saw NMA in 1988 on the "Sons and Daughters of Thunder and Consolation" tour. I always had a soft spot for them, though I was only really into the "Vengeance" and "Thunder and Consolation" (is that what it's called?) albums. They were superb live, and I always say that I'm going to see them each Xmas when they play in London. I never have as yet!

  • "Love is all that Matters" - Did anyone say that?? It's that one. Phew.
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