I started running, got sick & then gave up, but I want to start again

Okay so, I started running for about 3 weeks and was really enjoying it, I then started having trouble with my breathing and went to the doctor. He told me I have asthma. I haven't run again since I went to the doctor. I really want to start again, but have no motivation! Am I just being silly?!?!


  • Yes.

    Only you can make yourself run. If you can't find the motivation - then theres not much we can do.

    Enter a race ? Pay for it up front and maybe that will motivate you ?

    Find a friend to run with ?

    Buy new kit ?
  • In short, yes image

    Were you just going out and running or following some sort of plan? if you were just going out i'm not surprised your asthma kicked in. Best thing to do is to search for Couch to 5k. YOu can get podcasts, apps etc. But basically it alternates walking and running and builds upwards. Focus on running at a speed you can hold a conversation at (As slow as that may be).

    Having a plan keeps you motivated, and the way Couch to 5k is, its in acheivable chunks and will help train your lungs as much as anything.

    My missus started out with asthma and couldn't run more than a few minutes without screaming for air. After following the plan (And a bit more) she completed the Bristol 10k at the weekend without stopping once for a breather.

    Get out and do it image

  • I've got a plan that starts at week 1 - run 1 min, walk 90 secs repeat 8 times, 3 times a week. All the way to week 8 - run continuously for 30 minutes. Is that what you mean? - I guess just with the asthma I'm scared if I go out and struggle then I'm not too enough, I know to be pro you must first begin... It's just getting there...
  • Thats the same plan image

    You just have to get out and do it - No-one is going to force you, you have to want to do it. Just imagine the feeling of pride when you finish that first continuous 30 minute run. You can do it, promise!

  • I will be setting my alarm for early Saturday morning (no snooze) and going out for that first week run!! I will hold you to that promiseimage
  • If you have asthma take your inhaler and your phone just in case you get in trouble. Preferably run in a well populated area.


    A Paramedic

  • Never forget my inhaler when I go out anywhere! Thanks guys! image So what would you take when you go out besides your inhaler and phone? 

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    I have an ID wrist band with my name and the name and phone number of my partner on it, and allergy advice so in case something happens to me ppl will know who I am and who to contact.

    Good luck with your running!
  • That's a great idea! And thanks!
  • I'm also a little concerned about running when there are people around, I tend to go more early morning or late at night when there isn't really anyone around. I always tell someone I'm going out and for around how long so they know where I am. I think it's just anxiety, but I feel like everyone's watching me when I run (and not in a good motivational way)
  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    It's a good idea to tell someone where you are going and how long you will be. But don't worry about ppl looking at you. Normally ppl don't care about runners and no one who sees you will have any idea how long you have already been running for (not that they care anyway) just go out and enjoy it.
  • Yeah. I guess I just need to keep telling myself that it's just me. And me alone running, I'm running for myself, not for anyone else image
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