Newish runner

Hi everyone, been reading these forums for a couple of weeks and thought I'd finally sign up to be a part of the community and for motivation and advice!

I'm fairly new to running, taking it up after watching my mum do the london marathon last year and thinking "how hard can this be?" (How wrong was I? Ha), went for my first run the Monday after the marathon and been addicted since. I started running primarily to shift some extra weight which has been really successful so far but is permanently a work in progress lol. Ran my first 10k in March (bradford 10k) in 56 minutes, which was and remains a PB for me and earlier this year was accepted for entry into the great north run in September so currently working towards his. 


That's all from me, just wanted to introduce myself Hi!


  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Another one on the slippery slope towards health and fitness!

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