The Lost Boys

Can anyone remember the name of Corey Haim's character in The Lost Boys - we have been agonising over it all day.

Please help!


  • Wasn't he called Sam or Sammy or was that Corey Feldman.
  • the two bros were Sam and Michael.
  • Thank you my saviours!

    Will have to go home and watch it now too.


  • Corey Feldman? Wasn't he the bug-eyed one in "Young Frankenstein"??? ;)

    "Death by stereo!"

    Anyway, Corey Haim's character was Sam Emerson, and Corey Feldman was Edgar Frog.
  • Me again

    What was Sam's dog called??

  • Answered my own question -

    dog was called Nanouk or such like

  • Not sure is this is the correct spelling but the dog that stole the show was called
    Nanook (pronounced Na..Nook)
  • I was part of a gang that dug the Lizard King back in the 70's.

    Went to see his grave in the Pere Lachaise graveyard in Paris when doing the marathon there last April, and found I wasn't the only Morisson worshipper.
  • Did Carey Haim make any films after the Lost Boys (any that are worth watching ayway)
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Coreys Haim and Feldman were in License To Drive, circa 89, which was a bit naff. I could afford Sky Movies back then, so watched any old rubbish.
  • My friend used to lust after Corey Haim - couldn't see it myself - think at that time I was more into Matthew Broderick!
  • Whilst we're at it...

    Can anyone remember who the presenter of Screen Test was..? We were watching the

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) last night and I said I'd first seen the Star Wars movies as a clip on a kids movie game show and couldn't remember what it was. Anyway, lying in bed at midnoght nearly half asleep - it came to me "Screen Test" when the Mr asked who was the presenter though - can I remember for the life of me I can't!!! :o)

  • One of the Corey's (please don't ask me which one, I can never remember which is which) was in "The 'Burbs" which is an excellent film.

    "Screen Test"? I'm fairly sure Mike Aspel did it for a while, but there was another presenter? Wasn't it another Michael something???
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Michael Rod
  • Thanks Guys - don't know the name Michael Rod but at least I can give the Mr the answer :o) Ta!
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