Does every runner have the potential to run 1.5 miles in 7 minutes flat



  • No harm in trying and I never have accepted no as an answer. Appreciate the comments, thanks guys.

  • I've no idea whereabouts you are, but perhaps the Paras 10 race in Catterick would be of interest to you?

    10 miles cross country in boots and with a 35lb bergan in under 1hr 50 minutes to get under the required time for Paratroopers. 

  • Crazy I actually relocated to Catterick five months ago, anyway just had a look into it and I'm definitely going to do the 10 mile run. Cheers mate

  • Patrick Hopper wrote (see)

    FINALLY, one of the major aspects of muscular strength you will need to acquire is that of being able to "yomp" (or maybe this is just RM, as we do have a tradition in it and a dreadful 30 miler at the end of training), something that you cannot train for outside of the Armed Forces (short of putting on a bergen full of rocks and walking for 8 hours).

    I believe the paras call it TABing (As in Tactical Advance to Battle)

  • ZekeDE - it might also be worth having a look at (if you haven't already)  if you have any more specific questions relating to selection.


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