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Happy New Year!
Several times over the years I've seen people on the forum asking if it's possible to send old-but-still-usable shoes and kit out to less-wealthy countries. I've been looking into this for a while and its looking like a possiblity. We're still at the research stage, but I didn't want to find you'd just sent all your surplus kit to the charity shop, so if you have anything you don't need any more, e-mail me direct and I'll keep your details (name and where you live)on file.
Thanks a lot.
Happy running!


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  • boing again!!
  • Thanks to the people who've already got in touch with me.
    At the moment, it looks as though the first destination might be Seychelles and collection of kit most likely from the south west or Bristol area. Storage and transport costs (to Gatwick) are going to be the biggest difficulties, so any help/advice on these will be welcome.
    Reading another thread form someone with not much money to spend on shoes, I wondered if selling a few pairs in this country would be a way of financing it.
    Happy running.
  • Do they need a hand distributing in the Seychelles ? I'll gladly spend a fortnight doing that if it helps ! ;-)
  • I'm first in the queue - sorry!
  • If Only i had old kit.

    Actually most of my kit is old, just can't afford to replace it :(

    A great idea though, much better than chucking it out and a worthy cause.
  • kitkat - i have some old trainers which have a hole in the toe which i've actually stitched. the hole is only about 1.5cm in diameter. otherwise they are perfectly ok. are these too shoddy to send?
  • p.s really great idea!!!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Kit Kat,

    I will email you separately, but I work for a running specialist (Sweatshop) and we have been looking into doing something similar as well, and would be interested in perhaps combining our efforts, or helping you out with yours? I have forwarded this thread to the person involved, but drop me an email if you like, and I will pass your details on.

    Anna (Sweatshop)
  • Yogajoga - I'm not sure about the shoes - I'll let you know, but it may besome time before we can give you an answer.

    Annajo - Good idea! I'll e-mail you direct.
  • Good idea, this.

    When I moved last summer, I gave my old trainers and football boots to a friend who does fieldwork in Ghana. She brought them with her on her next trip out there, and gave them to various people in the village.

    Oh yes, I also gave her my old prescription glasses too.
  • Boing!

    Great idea! Will e-mail you.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    boing - Kit Kat, still talking to some people about this - it appears that you have gotten a lot further in the logistics of this than we have! but Ill email you or call you soon
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