Tooting-Based Clubs

Could there be any clubs (catering for beginners) in and around Tooting ? I did hear of something called "Tooting RC" from an internet search site but there wasn't a website for them and I couldn't find them in the Yellow Pages. Perhaps a club which uses/is based at Tooting Bec Athletics track which is walking distance from my home.

I am training for the marathon and, especially for longer runs (which I haven't done yet - 6 miles is the longest so far) I think company would help. I don't mind if people are SLIGHTLY better than me as I wouldn't mind falling behind a LITTLE if the people I am running with are OK with that. But I AM a beginner and so I am not very fast, etc.

If anyone can help I would much appreciate it.


  • Herne Hill Harriers are based at Tooting Bec Track. They may be a bit serious for you but their website says they cater for all standards.
  • Tooting leisure centre are going to start a non competitive running club in a couple of weeks time and it sounds pretty good! Also, Wimbledon Windmilers, and I believe there is also a Tooting RC, although I can't be sure! Want to go for a trot sometime? I live in Tooting B/way. The tooting RC no. may be in the club section of Running Fitness if I'm right!

    Email my if interested btw
  • Sutton Runners aren't that far away - Rosehill, and have a wide range of levels from 33 min 10k to complete beginners, plus they're a friendly lot. Okay - I'm biased, it's my club!
  • The only details I can find for Tooting RC are:

    R. Rockcliffe, 32 Scholars Road, London SW12 0PG
  • I ran into (and along with) the Sutton Runners slow sunday run a few weekends ago. Seemed like a very friendly club.

  • Jon, do you know if the Tooting Leisure Centre club caters for complete beginners? I live in Balham and would be really interested in going along if they do.


  • THey are planning to make it really acessible to all Tortoise
  • I have a date! 14th November! There will be a little soire at about 7:30 if anyone is interested!
  • Thanks for all your messages (this is Michael who left first message here). Sutton runners seem to be popular but I think Herne Hill Harriers wuld be better for me because they use Tooting Bec Athletics track which is right on my doorstep. I might wait until after the Brighton 10K on 17th November because then I'll have a "time" and 'they' can know where to put me. I'm slow at the moment but plan to get faster and would like to be competitive, even if only at a 'low' level.
  • Would have loved to come along on 14th but can't because am taking my Mum out to dinner, it is her 60th birthday!

    Let me know how it goes though!
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