Trionium Knacker Cracker 10K

Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
This is always a 'giggle,' even in storm-force winds and torrential rain (2014).

There will be a bonus hill in 2015, making this the toughest Knackcer Cracker ever - it will be slightly longer than 10k.

Anyone up for it?


  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    No hope of retaining the title this year but I'll still be up for the challenge image  Count me in

  • Planning on doing the Trionium series next year (think it's five races??) and this will start things off nicely.  Been a few years since I last crackered my knackers...

    Not run in fancy dress before...

    Rob, the "extra" steps, are these the ones over Headley Road??  That's mean...

  • Hello Fuzzy Mike. Yes, the very ones. Also known as 'The Eiger Steps.' Really. Five will do you (six if you include the rather gentler Ashtead 10k as well...)


  • Thank The Lord it's not Picnic year FM

  • I'll be back - but not dressed as a dalek. Don't know how the fairer sex cope with long dresses

  • Yeah HC, shame the picnic isn't next year... image 

  • We have entered again. if it carries on raining we might bring a canoe so we have transport to get home. We nearly drowned our car...

  • Please don't tell me it's the Zig Zag Road like the course we did in 2012 Dr Rob?

    Even so I will be back!!!!

  • No, not the Zig Zag again! I got a complaint after that 'Olympic' race in 2012, from someone saying that the ascent of the Zig Zag made the race less steep over all, taking it from the equivalent of a Class A fell race to a Class B fell race. You can please some of the people all of the time...

  • Hmmm.....intringed now!!  How many K's are you thinking of adding as it was 4K short last year? 


  • The extra distance over 10k is not great - maybe only an extra 400m - but the fact is that the extra distance includes about 200 extra very steep steps!

  • OMG.........more steps!!!!


  • Bring on the Eiger!

    National Trust quite rightly wont allow spikes but what about crampons and a pair of ice axes??

    I won't ask whether there will be bagpipes for 2015, the poor piper probably hasn't dried his kilt out after gallantly standing on the Box summit in the face of vertical rain this year.


  • Ah yes, The Eiger Steps! Something to look forward to and to savour. Full bragging rights will be earned. The piper will return!
  • Just booked my place, now what to wear?

  • I'm in again! Hoping for better weather this year!
  • I'm up for a bit of new year stupidity, sounds like a good way to clear the head.

  • Places have gone very fast this year - fewer than 100 left on 6 November.

  • Went and walked the route today - 10.5km, 1778ft up and down, bonus hill. Route and profile now up on the web site (see route page). Happy Christmas!

  • Loving the map Dr Rob image

  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    Rob - could you confirm if I'm entered please ?

    I entered about a week ago and havnt seen a confirmation email.


    phil  harris

  • Yes Phil, you are in. Only about 30 places left today, going fast.

  • 15 places left...

  • Rob, do you have any information about the Nipper Knacker and the Knicker Knacker? (I couldn't find the links on the website.)

  • Hi Alexander, the knicker knacker is just the ladies running along with the men in the main race - but there is a separate cup for the winner of the ladies race. The Nipper knacker is the race for children, no entry needed, just turn up, and start off with the adults (children must be supervised), run down to the bottom of the first hill, then back up to the top and finish at The Old Fort. Sweeties for all nippers!

  • The race is full. Absolutely full, bursting-to-the-seams full. No more spaces full. Please note that there is no waiting list, and strictly no entry on the day. It really is full!

    If you missed out this time, please come back next year!

  • Good luck everyone - have a great run!

  • Well, that went well!

    Photos, video and results up later.

  • Another run (stagger?) with great atmosphere - well done guys.

    Eiger steps definitely added something - more "ouch!".

    Cheese rolls appreciated - thanks to all marshalls for turning out.



  • What a fantastic 10k run with so many in fancy dress. Thought I knew the area well but was surprised how bloody hard it was with so many steps! Very many thanks to all the marshalls and soup and roll at the finish was brilliant.


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