Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 replacement

Hi all, I have nearly 500 miles on the pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10's I bought around christmas. They've been great shoes but are now showing signs of wear so it's time for me to consider their replacement. I overpronate moderately and thus require a support shoe.

I have considered buying another pair of Wave Inspires as I know they work for me, however these were my first "proper" running shoes I'm keen to try one or two more pairs before I settle down with a shoe and wear it for years to come.

The Asics Gel Kayano 20 looks to be a good replacement, however the cost makes me somewhat apprehensive. If they are as good as they should be for around £100 then I'll probably bite the bullet and get them, however I can't find much in the way of reviews of them online and I don't think running on a treadmill for 30 seconds will really help.

I've found the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 for around £60 online and am weighing that up as it's a good mark down on the RRP, although the shoe is quite heavy by the sounds of it and one of the qualities I love about the Mizuno Wave Inspire is how light it is.

For this reason the Nike Zoom Fly seems suitable, as it provides some support but also weighs less than the Adidas and costs about the same. However I've read that a lot of people experience heel slipping in the Zoom Fly and that its durability is questionable.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these shoes? Or can recommend a light, cheap and durable support shoe?

Thanks a bunch


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Classic bored so fancy a change... DON'T


    If they work perfectly well, give you no problems, or injuries, then just stick with them!! What can you gain if yours work perfectly well? nothing, and you will just run the risk, of getting injured. 

  • Agree with book trunk 100% - if they work for you, stick with them. 

    But don't worry, the shoe manufacturers change your favourite shoes annually so there's a pretty good chance the shoes that work for you today will morph into something that doesn't in version 11 or 12. Then you'll have reason to find something new...

  • ^What they both said. I've been through two pairs of Wave Inspire 8's and then three pairs of Inspire 9's and I'm currently on my first pair of 10's and they are the best yet. I have no personal experience of them but I understand the 6's were pretty good too but the 7's weren't so well regarded.

    The basic fit an comfort is pretty much the same though and that's no bad thing. If it isn't broke don't try and fix it.



  • Thanks guys, looks like I'll get myself another pair of Wave Inspires! They've come down in price too, and seeing as I know what size works for me I'll just get them online.

  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭

    I've been with them since version 2, and have four pairs on the go, with 2100, 2300, 1000 and

  • alex im searching for a replacement for my elixir at the moment.

    settled on the inspire at the moment. tried the sequence and it felt more supportive than the inspire, heavier and much less responsive if that is of any help.would say that inspire trumps it

    would agree with the other guys that have posted- if the inspire works for you stick with it. consider youself lucky to have hit upon something that works for you so fast! good luck



  • I've had two pairs of Kayano 19's and loved them. They were recommended after gait analysis. Ran London in them. I've now switched to a pair of Inspire 10's and love them too. Both shoes are similar in that they offer great support and cushioning for the moderate overpronator. If there is a difference, I'd say the Kayano's are tougher/more sturdy, whereas the Inspire's are lighter. I'm sure you'd be happy with either,

  • I had a pair of Wave Inspire 9s, they were fine and I got 700 miles out of them. I replaced them with the 10 and hated them. The changes they made just didn't suit - too much room in the toe box and if I tightened them enough to stop my foot sliding around, that band that goes across just below the laces cut in and gave me blisters. I've since gone for a pair of Nike Lunarglide, 5s I think they are, and they're the best I've had yet.

    Stick with what works, it could get expensive otherwise. I wish I'd gone and tried the WI 10 rather than just ordering them online and assuming they'd be at least as good as the 9.
  • Agree that the toe box on the Inspire 10's is massive!

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