New software for distance measuring

If you want some good, well-written, accurate, easy to use software
for measuring your running distances, have a look at:
I'll keep it short - full details on the website. Free fully
functioning 30 day trial download available, £10 to buy it after that.

Declaration of interest:- I designed and co-wrote the software
(because I couldn't find anything out there that did what I wanted as
a runner).



  • Chris is it available on CD?
  • Looks good. Works well... Features it's missing (imho) are

    selectable units (one at a time!)
    Add point to existing route.
    Pacing, with time-check optionally shown on map

    Hope these get added soon!

  • Sean,

    Have you seen Trailgauge ? It has all of these features and has been around for quite a while - well I've been using for a while anyway. I get the impression that it is quite popular with runners here on these forums as it is often discussed.

    You can download it from
  • Coopsy,
    You can now order a CD online at (£12 including P&P to UK & Europe)

  • Sean, we will be adding all these features (and lots more) to the next version of Mapper. Please let us know of any other features you would like to see.

    I've looked at Trailgauge, and as far as I can see, it doesn't have the first 2 features on your list.

    Also with Trailgauge, you can't do the following:
    browse the web for maps
    edit an existing route
    have a route over multiple maps
    add text notes
    draw freehand routes

    All of which you can do with Mapper!

    Hopefully the competition will keep us both on our toes and result in better product(s) for users.
  • Chris,

    Yes, trailguage was the product that suggested some of my ideas. Hate the user interface on it though.

    Struggled a bit with multiple routes - maybe I've not found how to work it, but it would be nice to be able to make up a route from multiple segments, or copy a route to edit it. Most of the routes from my house will be 'variations on a theme'.
    If you're after a challenge, building a route to a requested distance would be a neat trick!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I've downloaded this and first impressions are good. For some reason, I couldn't get on with Trailgauge or Accuroute.

    Too early to ask for extra bells and whistles, but I would warn against "feature bloat". I'm a simple soul, and I like my software likewise.

    But so far, so good. Worth a tenner IMHO.
  • We've got some problems with our hosts at the moment so the website is out - you can still download it from Tucows at

    Thanks for the positive comments!

  • Call me a Luddite, but I'm happy with and a piece of string ;)
  • Luddite! ;) (although a true Luddite would use an OS map and a piece of string, and wouldn't be posting on here in the first place).
    But how do you know how long the piece of string is?

    P.S. now up and running again - apologies for the outage.
  • I'm really resisting answering that "length of a piece of string" question, you know... :)
  • Chris, This is the first product such as this i've used. Needless to say I will not be looking any further. V. Good and easy to use and well worth a tenner.
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