toenail regrowth problem

I lost a big toenail a while back and the new nail started growing back without problem until now. As it is reaching the end of my toe (still a little way off) it seems to be pressing down into the soft end of my toe. I cannot get anything under to lift it. I'm in the middle of training for a 50 mile ultra in July and don't really want to be away from training but its getting worse and I can feel it running. Anyone else had this?


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    I lost both of my big toe nails when training for my first marathon, due to ill-fitting shoes. If was a painful experience.

    Like you, when the new nail approached the end of my toe, it began digging in. The tip of my toe became very sensitive and sore. I tried to get various tools under the nail to pry it up, but without much success. Ouch.

    Eventually it did sort itself out.  If yours doesnt,  a podiatrist will probably be able to help. Good luck!

  • Thanks. All the time its fine for running I'm inclined to leave it but dont want it to get much worse! Ive lost nails before but never a big toe nail and never had this problem.  

  • I had INGROWING nail and corns on the toe, I did a pedicure with nail drill and is well. Always clean and sterile tools and professionalism. High-quality service.

  • And  I was run 20 km 2 days later. No pain, no sore. 

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