I know, lots of threads on here about blisters. I did have a search about my particular problem but couldn't find anything.


I have had a blister on the inside of the ball of my foot, seemed pretty painless until I ran the Tewkesbury half on Sunday. After about 7 miles I felt like I had a stone in my shoe, then a beach ball! Was gobsmacked when I took my shoe off, it's about 3 inches long & 2 inches wide & a bloody mess, I've popped it & it seems to have dried out a bit, less painful.

I have high arches & wide feet, run in New Balance 1080v3 in a 2E size. Have tried blister socks & ran in them on Sunday, Vaseline didn't help. Thought maybe that the 2E is too wide & my foot is moving about? So bought some new Mizuno Wave Rider 17 & my feet go numb after 15 mins or so. Kind of feels like that area is being pinched in them when my foot lands. Any suggestions what could be causing this? Impossible question maybe...or ways to keep me able to run through it? I'm in great form, set a PB by 90 seconds on Sunday, seems a shame to have time off!


  • Blisters is alright. I quite like him

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