Start of a stress fracture? Or just shin pain?

So on my run on monday I started getting mild shin muscle tightness during the run (only 2.5km easy as I'm changing my form). I tried rolling the muscle (on an improvised glass bottle wrapped in a towel – not a good idea?) and noticed that from time to time there was a more localised mild throb on the lower shin. The throb is not constant (maybe once every 15 minutes if I even notice it) and only lasts a second or two. I can find a point on the bone where if I press pretty hard it hurts a bit but nothing much at all. I went running this morning and no particular pain (just maybe the odd twinge, but I was being particularly attentive to it). Again, just the odd throb from time to time. Maybe I just rolled the bone by mistake?

Obviously, if this is the beginning of a stress fracture it is clearly very very mild. I'm taking 2-3 days off (off to a conference and thought I'd take the opportunity to give the legs a rest) and then run again and see if it is still there/gets worse. At this stage, does this sound like it could be the early signs of a stress fracture? Because the pain (when it is there) is so mild, I'm assuming it's not worth being too bothered about, right? It's the fact it's localised that makes me even slightly concerned.

Feel free to tell me I'm being a wimpy hypochondriac and to man up if it's the case image


  • Hard to say exactly....


    But here's my take

    I've had shin pain for over 6 weeks now and it's not got any worse - ever. Pain was mild but always there. I was told shin splints and had treatment, massage every 2 weeks and had 4/5 sessions, the last session he didn't even treat my shins (I have achilles issue now) so It got better without me doing much really- maybe I had a stress fracture I don't know image I think the pain would be harsher if it was by sounds of things.. I get the odd dull pain every few days 9not had pain this week)  and not been back running full time but I'd confident it's pretty much gone

    Rest more and ice more after runs - Use a regular frozen water bottle (put a normal water bottle in freezer over night) to massage + roll on it not glass..

    Also stretch the legs more often twice a day and don't increase mileage.. Try for 1- 2 weeks and see what happens ? You could even drop a quicker session in the week. Won't do fitness any harm and shins will probably thank you for it

    I put pains off for a long time before seeing someone and carried on running and that was a mistake.. 


    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Disclaimer...  no one can possibly give such a diagnosis over the internet.

    Having said that, as a non-medic, it does seem that you're over-reacting to me!  Treat as mild shin splints.

  • What was the outcome Dan? I have a localised sore spot on my shin bone and which hurts when pressed and is quite lumpy but isn't much of a problem when I run. Like you, I think I'm being paranoid (6weeks out from marathon) but also worried it could be the start of something worse and I should take it seriously. Would be good to know how you fared!
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