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Has anyone bought any shoes using the custom trial Adidas are running. Is it likely to be worthwhile do you think or will it be a gimmick? I'm quite new to serious(ish) running so I was thinking it would at least give me a start on understanding the issues involved in buying new shoes.




  • Haven't heard about it - what's the deal?

    I'm in a similar situation to you and with the blisters I had after doing a 10k recently I'm thinking it would be best to get some good shoes if I want to run further.

    At the moment I'm just using some off the shelf numbers that seem to be ok.
  • As I understand it they measure your foot in lots of ways and assess your running style/preferences as well as your weight. Based on that they specify teh different parts of teh shoe based on one of their models, (I can't remember which one), which arrives about 4 weeks later for an extra £30 or so. The details were in the current edition of Runners World, but I can't remember the headline. The last day is apparently tomorrow at Fitness Exchange in Fenchurch Street. Hope that helps.
  • Cheers,

    That's quite close to work for me so I might pop in there tomorrow.

    What was the price of them?
  • Sorry, I didn't see this before the end of the day. The price is about £100 which is around £30 over the normal price. They recomended booking a place as it takes about 40 minutes so it might be worth giving them a ring tomorrow morning. I've been reading he downloaded book by Gordon Pirie so now I think maybe I should invest in a pair of lighweight slippers.
  • you can custom make Nike Pegasus at the Nike Bowerman Running site for about the same price.

    more of personal spec on uppers/type/soles etc
  • Gordon Pirie?
  • Don't ask, you'll regret it ;)
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