sore foot tendon

I have sore tendons at the top of my foot and the arch of my foot, although there's no redness or swelling, so can I still run, I've got a 10k race coming up in a couple of weeks and I've only just got back to training after an ankle injury, I'm treating with ice and taking ibuprofen for an anti inflammatory, does anyone hav any advice in how else to treat this and avoid it in the future


  • Check if it's a shoe fitting / laces too tight problem - this can feel like sore tendons. If you have somewhere you can run a few hundred metres barefoot and that does not hurt, then shoes/laces is a good possibility. You can use "donut" pads to take pressure off the tendons. However, if that is NOT the problem I suggest going to a physio for a proper diagnosis and treatment as there are some really important tendons in that area which can be a big problem if they get chronically damaged.

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  • Hi Vanessa,

    If you have sore tendons that suggests they are tired from chronic overwork, and your body is giving you the warning sign of pain, to get you to change something.

    Those tendons were designed for you to run pain free, so why are they chronically overworked? 

    Commonly it because your foot might not be striking the ground the way it was designed because there is some imbalance between your feet, knees and hips. This could be causing extra strain on your tendons and ligaments.

    Try these 3 exercises every day and see if that helps:




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