Lateral patellar facetectomy

Hi folks,

Following x-rays and an MRI at the London Bridge Hospital Knee Clinic the recomemndation is for me to have a lateral patellar facetectomy to remove a piece of bone and scar tissue (likely from an impact in the past!) from the lateral side of my patella.

I have done some research in to the operation, the recovery period and the success etc. and one thing I noticed is that the age of the patients who have had this surgery appears to be some 15-20 years older than me (I'm mid 40's). This point raised one main question. Although the success levels for the operation appear to be high I am a little concerned that the activity levels e.g. running etc. of the older patients would be lower than my own (before the knee problem) and as such the definition of ‘success’ is a little vague as it is unclear what level activity they returned to. Also, I'm told I won't be able to start running again for 12-months!

So, here's the question. Does anyone have a perspective (as a patient) who was in a similar situation to my own and was hoping to get back to running after the surgery and recovery!?

Cheers, Lee

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