Outside/Inside ankle/foot pain

Okay, so i was running, nothing longer than I normally do or on a different surface (and my shoes are still in pretty good shape) and my left ankle did this weird roll/collapsing type deal. It didn't hurt immediately but when I got back I could definitely tell something was off. It has been around a week and I have continued running. It only hurts periodically during the run and definitely after. Also, it does hurt when I swim, I am guessing due to pointing my toes when kicking. Anyway, I have noticed that my cuboid (or something in that area, looks like where the posterior tibia tendon runs underneath) is round, red and swollen. Now, however after my run yesterday the outside/bottom of the same foot is hurting, to the point were I couldn't sleep last night. I was thinking maybe plantar fisciitis. It is also pretty swollen on that side as well and very red last night, but there has been very little to no bruising for both. Any thoughts? 


  • Hi there,

    It's tough to say what your exact injury is. It could be a muscle, tendon or ligamentous strain, or something else.

    Listen to your body's pain as that is telling you that something is not right and you need time to heal.

    The one thing I would suggest is find out what is the root cause of the injury you have had. Unless you had a violent fall, you shouldn't really injure your feet, as they were designed to run.

    Often if you develop a foot problem its because your feet have moved out of their natural alignment. Sometimes if the muscles in your leg get out of balance then your feet will either turn in or out, instead of pointing straight forward. This means your foot is not going to strike the ground in a natural way. 

    Give your feet a rest so they can recover and try these 3 exercises to help get your foot back into a more natural pain free position.


    Take care


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