Worn Out Shoes or Plantar Fasciitis


I'm hoping for some advice…

A few days ago, out of nowhere, I developed a pain in the arch of my left foot when running. I wondered whether it was my shoes (which have done about 600 – 700 miles) but it faded when I stopped running so I forgot. I ran again a couple of days later and the pain returned (kind of like a dull ache this time).

When I ran today (about 12 miles) it became increasingly painful but only when I was on uneven or slippery ground. When I got onto road or flat surfaces the pain faded fairly quickly. By the end of the run it was aching and continued to do so for a few hours after.

Does this sound like plantar fasciitis or old shoes or something else?

Any tips for clearing this up quickly?



  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Hummm first thing I'd look at is trainers.

    i started to notice that over 400 or so miles, my trainers still look fine, but I start getting lots of little niggles. New trainers and they disappear. 

  • Doesn't sound like PF to me, as mine was always fine while running and most painful first thing in the morning. And I'd agree with Booktrunk about the shoes.

  • I agree. PF would get better with running and then feel much worse the following morning. 

  • Thanks for the advice! ... I rested the foot yesterday and the pain had disappeared by this morning. I haven't run today and I've had no pain despite walking quite a bit... so it looks like it's time to try some new shoes! Thanks again! 

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