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Evening all

First post here. I've only recently started running (3 months) but I'm loving it and I'm seeing improvements all the time which keeps me motivated. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself but figured what better way to keep me going than have something to train for so I've entered a 10k in 6 weeks, the Great North Run, and the big one, the 2015 Edinburgh marathon.

That brings me to the main point of my post. I'm travelling to Edinburgh alone for the marathon and was hoping people could advise on where to stay for reasonable money, and how the logistics work in terms of finishing so far from the start. Are the baggage trucks reliable or am I destined for a taxi back to the hotel in sweaty clothes.

cheers folks


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  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Here are the reviews of the Edinburgh event.

    May give you some ideas.
  • Quirky wrote (see)

    Friendly bunch

    It's the weekend - not many people tend to be around. Probably out running or something silly like that

    Personally, I've never run either so can't help. Sorry.

  • I think the best way to become part of the community is to avoid making snarky comments when people don't leap to answer your post immediately at the weekend when they will have family, training, household and social commitments...
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    The Edin Mara has come in for a real pasting due to some major organisational issues. It seems like you should be prepared for: bags may be left out in the rain- make sure your clother are in something waterproof!.

    Also- it is a very long walk to the shuttle buses from the finish. Idon't know how easy it will be to get a Taxi instead, but if possible itmay well be a better option, as, probably, would public transport, if you can figure out what you would need. Be prepared that you are likely to feel very weak and wobbly after the finish, and any sort of long walk to get bakc to a hotel is hard work, this year's goody bags didn't contain anything useful to eat in terms of recovery food- think aobut putting a bottle of chocolate milk and a packet of crisps in your drop bag, - there are my favourite post- marathon recovery food. (you willl find that you've had enough of gels by then!).

    Hopefully Edin mara organisers will have responded to some of the criticisms by next's just that the finish area organisation has been poor even when I did it about 5 years ago, and has never got any better. If you're prepared for that, hopefully it won't make the day end on a tiring and tedious note, - just don't expect the transport laid on by the organisers to be any use!

  • Edinburgh is a year away and while you don't want to leave those things until the last minute, you probably don't need to worry about them just yet.  Enjoy your running, get yourself a half marathon training plan and get theFirestone and dusted first.

    GNR finish is a long way from the start too, but the baggage buses are reliable.  Good luck!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    You will be able to get a bus from Musselburgh High Street back to Princes Street - there are LOADS of buses in Edinburgh, even on a Sunday, so just find the stop and wait for a little while.  (Google Lothian Buses for details of the stops and bus numbers).

    Edinburgh is a tourist hotspot so there are literally thousands of B&Bs in the centre and/or quite close to the centre, plus the usual Travellodge/Premier Inn type places too.  Where you want to be will depend on whether you plan to just arrive, do the marathon then go home, or if you want to do a bit of sightseeing before or after.  The open top bus tour is quite a good way of getting a feel for the city without wearing your legs out the day before.......

  • Mrs Noel wrote (see)
    I think the best way to become part of the community is to avoid making snarky comments when people don't leap to answer your post immediately at the weekend when they will have family, training, household and social commitments...

    Nice how the OP came rushing back to thank people for their help too isn't it?

  • You often find that. You can put a lot of time and effort into answering a posters questions and they don't have the decency to reply with a thank you.

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    They don't write,they don't call. 

  • Crying into a cushion cos ve big boys was mean?
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    Only done Edinburgh marathon once (this year), I'm sure others will have more experience than me of this race. It's not the best organised marathon in the world, but as long as you plan to not rely on the organisers, you should be fine. As people have said, put some food / drink in your bag for afterwards, and line your bag with a poly bag in case your bag gets wet. Public transport (train / bus) is fine, you don't need their buses (which are further away and more expensive) - you can get a bus from right next to the finish area to anywhere in Edinburgh for £1.50. Stick a £20 note in your belt / socks / wherever for emergencies (taxis, food, etc.).

    You'll potentially have bigger problems in getting back from the finish area at GNR, just because of the number of people, there can be huge queues for buses which are on gridlocked roads. You need to chosse between trying to get away sharpish and beating the crowds or hanging around the massge tents / beer tents until the crowds have cleared.

    Either way, good luck in both races!


  • I have no experience of either race, but just wanted to bump up this thread in order to show Quirky that we are quite friendly, and that we are holding out a hand of support to him/her during their endeavours.

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