I have been running for a while and have just entered the Brighton 10k. Got myself a new pair of shoes which I am very happy with and am now looking for some advice on what other gear I need. Up until now its been old T shirts and shorts which are unsightly, uncomfortable and advertise how much I sweat (buckets!!)

I have read about layering (??) but nature has kindly provided me with quite alot of that already (15 st)and I get hot quickly (easy!). So can anyone help out!!What do I need

All advice gratefully received. Great site & forum. Keep it up



  • Hi

    I recommend those air conditioned T-Shirts, etc. They have sort-of holes in them and are made of similar material to the England team World Cup shirt (that's good too) but they tend to be 'branded' and expensive - I got one recently for £20. But I'm a beginner too and don't know much 'technically' and have never heard of layering so perhaps my advice should be verified before you do anything.

    Best regards,

    Michael Rodgers.
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