Foot problem

Since training and running a marathon, I developed a pain at the highest point of my foot, sort of in line with the big and second toe. And half way between toes and ankle, if that makes sense Went to docs had a check for stress fracture nothing showed, so had an MRI scan, which confirmed no fracture, but did show fluid under the bone. Just got prescribed rest, but 6 months later still got it when I run, but it feels like the bone to me, it's sore when I press on it. So I am not convinced with diagnosis but Im no doctor, anyone had something similar


  • Hi there,

    The fact that you still have pain shows that something is not quite working right and the fluid sounds like a sign of inflammation, which is caused when a tissue is irritated by something.

    For your feet to work pain free they need to be in their correct position. Sometimes if the muscles in your leg get out of balance then your feet will either turn in or out, instead of pointing straight forward. This means your foot is not going to strike the ground in a natural way. 

    A lot of people get foot pain because of this. If this is the root cause of your pain try these 3 exercises to rebalance the muscles of the leg:

    Take care


  • Thanks for that will give it a go and report back

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