Sprained Ankle

I've only started running 5 weeks ago and really enjoyed it and have my first 5k in two weeks time.

I have managed to sprain my ankle at the weekend - lovely bruise coming out and hobbling along.  Following the rice method as went to work and walked too much on it and feel a bit better today.

Question is how long until I am able to start running again. 



  • The only answer to that is when its healed. Sorry! Everyone heals at a different rate depending on fitness level, soft tissue damage, quality of soft tissues around injury site, nutrition, hydration, rehab strategy, how much activity you do on it while its healing. Too much and it will continue to be damaged, too little and it can stiffen up. its one of those questions without an answer so if a physio or doctor says a period of time they are guessing based on stats and past experience, but it still depends on your body and how you treat it while you are rehabing.

  • KattCKattC ✭✭✭

    Thanks Running Delights - I'm desperately trying to get the bruising and swelling down - the foot just looks really nasty and at least I can walk on it now.  Got a support on it and willing it to be better for next Sunday otherwise its going to have to be a walk round job image

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