How much do you worry about the style of running shoes

Just purchased a new pair and struggled to find something this time. I find myself spending more time than I should on what the shoes look like. Don't get me wrong my primary concern is consitency and matching gait but there seems to be a lot of extremes between bright and garish to looking very drab and uninspiring. I try to find something normal but with a flash of colour.

Do you worry or just buy the latest release of what you already use?





  • No. Once they get mud on them it doesn't really matter what they look like underneath.

  • If I find a pair that fits at a decent price I'm not that bothered about the colour or styling.

    I got a pair of bright orange ones a couple of years ago. They looked awful but were only 30 quid.
  • The more garish the better, to be honest. I'd probably hesitate before getting neon pink though. And I did pay an extra fiver once to get rainbow shoes image instead of blue ones when both were heavily reduced. But that was also a practical choice as I already had the blue ones. It's easier to rotate shoes if the same model comes in different colours.

  • I'm not averse to a bit of colour matching with kit I've already got, especially for races.  (We all know that red and orange are the fastest colours, right?)  But for training, function always trumps form. 

    These are my current everyday trainers, FFS!...




  • No, Phil, yellow is the fastest colour. I went for a run in these this morning:




  • Functionality first, then price, then colour.

    Pretty much sums up my clothes buying methodology for non-running stuff too.

  • I can see what I have been doing wrong all these years...

  • don't care about the colour  or design at long as its not pink.........

  • Orange shoes just eat up the miles.  I see great things for me this summer wearing these:

  • Not bad, Lou, at least they have some yellow on them. Me, you and Phil would look amazing all running together.

  • yellow are the fastest, and the yellower the fasterer


     asics hyperspeed 6.   i love em. 

  • They look even brighter in real life.  I might let the side down a little though as I don't have your and Phil's penchant for loud shorts.

  • All other things being equal, I think Dean is winning.

  • I've got some pretty spectacular vests too. image

  • lou Diamonds wrote (see)

    All other things being equal, I think Dean is winning.

    Let's not forget that I sometimes wear all of these items at the same time:



  • I don't care about the colour. Although I was wearing my bright orange Hattoris one morning in the park when a drunk girl staggered up to me telling me what great trainers I had and asking for a high fiveimage.

  • So, to sum up, there are two main answers to this: (1) I don't worry about it, or (2) I actively seek out the most horrifically garish shoes on the market.

    Now I want to see a picture of the shoes the OP ended up with?

  • literatin wrote (see)

    No, Phil, yellow is the fastest colour. 


    Oh OK.  In which case I should probably think about running my next marathon in these...

    I've had my eye on Nike Zoom Streak 4 for ages and Runners Need have them in the sale for less than 50 quid.  They don't look as fast as Dean's though. I mean, I can't see them knocking 14 seconds off my 3k time... image

  • I was just looking at those Innov8s people have been recommending to you, Phil - they come in some pretty astounding colours.

  • I can't think what you mean.  They look quite understated to me.


  • I was thinking more...

  • Phil - i saw your 3k result when i looked at the rankings,  nice opener! are you planning on doing another...i think there is more to carve off for you.

    these are my xc spikes...unfortunately they have a reverse effect than my yellow hyperspeeds and turn me into a xc plodder.image



  • Oh good, are we doing xc spikes too? image

  • literatin wrote (see)

    I was thinking more...

    That looks like something that would give you a deadly sting if you sat on it in the jungle.

    Dean - cheers, yeah definitely more to come I think.  I was pleasantly surprised with the time considering how shite I felt before the race, so I definitely want to do at least one more this season, possibly the next BMC open at the same venue, 23rd July.

    My XC spikes are surprisingly tasteful so I'm not playing that game.

  • Nike flyknit uppers are pathetically weak. Just saying. 

  • You know that heady feeling you get when your glycogen is gone and you dont know if you can get through your last 3 800m repeats?

    I scrolled through this thread and thats how I feel now. I will never buy any colour other than black from hereon.

  • Nope, never run out of glycogen! Or perhaps it is the extra power I get from my neon shoes...

  • they got to look good:


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