To run or not to run (VERY mild Plantar Fasciitis???)

I may be being over cautious, but I think I may have a very mild Plantar Fasciitis. I don't know how long I should wait before attempting to run.

It started three weeks ago, I found my legs starting to ache a bit on my normal runs, becoming tied (I didn't increase the distance either). I only did one run in the week for 5k, and the following week did another run for 5k. Again, my legs ached but nothing painful, so I left it another week and did another...being cautious all the time. On the third week, I didn't get any aches, so I thought everything was fine.

It wasn't until the next day when I went for a walk that my heal started to hurt. Actually, my knee cap also started to feel pain. The heal main was under the heal at the end towards the middle of the foot, and also part of the middle of the underfoot.

The following day, I went for another walk, and the foot was mildly painful all day, not just walking. I presumed that my calf muscles was too tight, (Hence the knee cap slight pain) I started doing stretching exercises and things like rolling a golf ball multiple times a day on the foot, and using ice.

I only had two days of mild pain...that was a week ago. My feet seem fine now and I have done a few walks without any pain, just a VERY dull ache first thing in the morning and if I rest it for a long period of time. (Typical Plantar Fasciitis?)

What concerns me is at the same time I started to get the pain, I have got a clicking sound when I bend by’s only my left foot and that’s the one I had the problem with. Walking doesn't really make it click unless I have big strides, but bending it further towards makes it click at the heal.

I have become confused with the huge array of information on the internet. Some sites saying its fine to run if it’s only a dull ache and not all the day, others saying it will take months or years to recover from.

But...I have not found any advice for anyone where the pain has basically gone, but they still have a 'click'.

How long should I wait to try running again, I don't want to risk bringing it back. I may have only had it for two days, but it still has a very dull ache first thing in the morning and after rest. I also have a very slight ache in the knee now and again during the day and my leg. I am wondering if ifs my calf muscles still being tight. I tried a test to see how flexible they were against the fall and reached 16cm which I think was good, but I probably didn’t do the test properly!

 I don’t want to make it worse. Am I being over cautious? I’ve had different injuries in the past and don’t want a repeat. The 3-12 month recovery time for Plantar Fasciitis seems very worrying! Especially if you can’t run during that time.

Would value your help.




    i'd go and see a podiatrist or a physio If I were you.

    The plantar fascia is like a big elastic band that runs from your heel to the ball of your  foot. It wouldn't "click" if it was injured.

    It sounds more to me that you have some sort of stability issue with your knee or ankle and that everything's linked to that.

  • Thank you for your advice. I'm rural so there are not many places locally. Those that are, are a little booked. Anyway, got an appointment next Wednesday so hopefully will find out exactly what the problem is. Will post to let you know.
  • Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

  • Just an update. Got my appointment moved to today as the pain in my heels was getting worse. The good news is that it's not Plantar Fasciitis.

    Instead, it was VERY tight calf muscles that was pulling on my foot.

    So...I had a deep massage, and although sore it definitely has made my legs feel free. I need to wait 24 hours before doing any kind of excessive and then run the first 1k at a dramatically reduced pace. Then build slowly up to my normal pace. After that run, I have been told I should be back to normal.

    Causes....a combination of 1) Not stretching after running 2) over pronouncing and 3) since I went from years without doing any high impact exercising/running and starting at the end of last year with everything. 

    So hopefully, I will get back to normal runs soon.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Keep up with the stretches as a preventative measure.  Even if PF wasn't specifically diagnosed, PF problems can be connected with tight calves, as my physio identified recently, and they're connected up the chain of connective tissue, so every calf and hamstring stretch you can think of will help keep things flexible.

  • Ok, thank you. I will certainly get into routine of doing that all the time know I've had the scare!
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