Lower pack pain after running

Hi Guys and Girls,

I've been running for about 4 years now, and in 2013 I was at my fittest and fastest.

However, I then ended up in Hospital in May 2013 for an emergency Laparotomy, 2 months later I was running again, building my strength back up and was doing great!

Unfortunately, in September 2013 I went back into hospital for a second emergency Laparotomy. 7 months went by and I decided that I was fit enough to get back into running.

Started small with a few 10k's and started working up, however, I started to notice my lower back was aching after running, and eventually got so bad I couldn't walk or bend. Moving in general was agony. So I stopped running for a few weeks, saw an osteopath and the pain subsided and eventually disappeared. I tried to go for another run, got 8 miles in and the pain came back suddenly this time and I had to stop again.

I've put running aside for a few weeks now, and I've been doing other forms of exercise, circuit training, plyometric drills and such but after a week of these I've noticed the back pain has come back. It seems that I cannot do any exercise without this pain occurring.

I don't want to have to stop exercising as I enjoy it, but the pain is sometimes seriously unbearable.

I was just wondering if anyone on here has experienced anything similar? and if they know what I could do to stop this pain from occurring?


Any light shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated.



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