Running app (Android) to stop at 21.1km?

Hi there

I've started running practice half-marathons and I've found Runkeeper on Android really useful to keep me up to date with my time/distance/pace throughout the run.

What's quite annoying though is that I'm never quite sure when I've got to 21.1km which leads to a lot of fiddling with my phone. 

I don't think there's any way to get Runkeeper to stop at this distance automatically. Anyone know a way around this, or another app that does this?


  • I'm fairly sure endomondo lets you set a distance target. It won't stop automatically, but it will tell you when you reach it so you can stop it yourself.
  • That seems to be a 'PRO' feature unfortunately. Any alternatives?

  • Its a little pointless (IMO) as when you get to run a half in a race if you use the same app it will almost certainly record the distances as 21.5km or something like that. These apps arent 100% accurate anyway so trying to hit 21.1 spot on is a little mistaken. 

  • The whole idea of running an exact distance repeatedly in order to be able to race that same exact distance is not a good idea. You need a training plan with variation and forgot the exact distance to a decimal place.

    Anyway, courses are measured with a rolling wheel several times and 0.1% is added to the mean, to guarantee that at least the distance is run and that the chances it was shorter are diminishingly small (in case a record is claimed). That's not the same as guaranteeing it is an exact distance.

  • Endomondo pro costs a couple of quid, man.

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